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4 Effective Ways For Product Promotion

4 Effective Ways For Product PromotionCreating a new product or even maintaining a steady production of an established product is work in itself. On one side, you have to constantly make a timely upgrade on an old product to avoid losing customers. Then again, you have to craft a powerful promotion strategy that gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors. So to speak, while you might already have figured out how to go about the former, in this post, I will share with you some of the powerful 6 effective ways for product promotion. Let’s dive in.

Contest And Giveaways

According to studies, social media contests convert at an average of 40%. Who doesn’t enjoy getting rewarded in a contest? Your contestants are by psychology and biology conditioned to reciprocate with becoming your ambassador customers. But it’s more about how much creativity and intelligence you display in your campaign. (Spoilers; videos drive your audience crazy on both Instagram and TikTok while picture-based content performs well on Facebook and Pinterest). And while you might already have heard about all those all-mighty ad-spy tools, this company gets you covered on your promotional products.

Google My Business

This is one of the most effective ways to introduce a new product, package, or service to the public. With your Google My Business account (don’t worry, creating one for your business is free), you can generate organic traffic directly and consistently from Google to the landing page of your new offer. The account is the footprint of your business as registered with Google and it offers you the opportunity to create campaigns in 3 simple ways namely; post, offer, and what’s new. The only drawback to using the platform, however, is that every campaign lasts for 7 days only. But getting your banners, action buttons, and content back up after the 7 days shouldn’t be work. Right?

Exclusive Offers To Loyal Customers

Fun fact! Do you know that it’s easier to retain an old customer than it is getting new ones? Your loyal customers are your home fans. They represent you wherever they go but to what intensity they route for you is determined by how well you make them feel. Read that again, please. So to speak, when rolling out new offers, your loyal customers should be your first target with VIP treatment. Speaking of VIP treatment, I mean inviting them to a free tour or a demo of the product or a virtual pre-launch party! Yay! And guess what, they end up putting the word out for you to real potential buyers.

Blog Posts And Customer Reviews

Your blog is your home base where you have a ground. It is where you generate most of your organic traffic which can be converted to loyal buyers if you do it right. Design banners that speak and implement attractive action buttons that make a first-time visitor tick. Spice this up with testimonials and reviews from your loyal customers who have either used a demo or a paid version of your product.

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