6 Reasons Why You Should Use Automatic Knives

Switchblade knives, also known as push button knives or automatic knives, are a kind of variety of knives that have a hidden blade in the handle which can spring out automatically when you press a particular button. These knives are always a great addition to anyone who likes to have a rich collection of knives. They have many perks and can be used for various purposes, such as cutting things, opening cans, helping you around the house or in your backyard, during camping voyages, and as a self-defense weapon. Automatic knives can be dangerous for those who have never used them before. But they have a lot of benefits when you know how to use them properly. In this article, we will provide you with several reasons why you should use automatic knives and inform you about their multiple benefits.

Ideal for outdoor activities

Automatic knives will surely help you if you are a lover of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, or hiking. They are not difficult to handle and clean and will provide you with peace of mind. Although they are not ideal for hunting, they are a perfect tool if you like fishing because they will cut the line and remove the hooks. You should also know that they are pretty safe so you will not cut yourself since the blade is placed in the handle.


These knives are sharp tools. That means they need significantly less physical force to cut vs. cutting with dull knives. While you are cutting, for example, the food or anything else, you can give damage with a small amount of force. There are certain ingredients that will look even fresher for a more extended amount of time if you slice them cleanly.


An automatic knife is made from aluminum and stainless steel. So it is strong, able to withstand anything and can last for a long time. Besides, you don’t have to think about wear and tear. Therefore, opt for reliable OTF automatic knives since their blade is sharp and durable, and they can do what most other knives cannot. Moreover, you can pick an OTF automatic knife that is suitable for your purposes. A serrated knife will be best for cutting through rigid materials like rope or plastic, while a straight knife will be the best choice for self-defense.


You won’t get into contact with the automatic knife’s blade, whether you’re thinking about releasing the blade or pulling it back inside. Its main quality is safety. Therefore, automatic knives will keep you safer than any other kind of knife. Plus, for example, when you use them in activities such as slicing, they don’t break or slip like other kinds of knives. If you search for an ideal knife for your home, automatic knives are the best option due to their safety.

Excellent for self-defense

When you defend yourself, you will have a tactical advantage. Namely, automatic knives will be the most convenient because they fit better in your hand than folding knives. Moreover, several kinds of automatic knives will fit in everyone’s pocket, so you can be calm when it comes to making adjustments when using the blade. Besides, these kinds of knives open faster than other regular knives. You can access it fast because these weapons are very efficient for self-defense.

Automatic knives are usually legal

Since they are legal in numerous areas, automatic knives are really worthwhile and convenient tools. Nevertheless, if you want to be sure, you have to find out if the state you live in has legalized the use of switchblade knives because in some states carrying automatic knives is not allowed. Since some laws are complicated, if you want to wear automatic knives, you have to be well-informed about the laws in your state. Moreover, some states have laws that prevent people from carrying automatic knives with long blades, while others will require a license for owning them. Therefore, it is a good idea to research to know where you can buy automatic knives.

If you’re thinking about what kind of knives you want to buy, we recommend automatic ones. But first of all, you have to think about your needs and opt for the type that is best for you. Automatic knives come with functionality, durability, sharpness, safeness, self-defense, and great utility in dangerous and other tricky situations. Besides, if you are sure that you’re carrying your knife legally, you can be completely carefree.