What Clothes Not to Wear with a Straw Hat?

Since the Middle Ages, straw hats have been widely used in Asia and Europe for sun protection. Constructed using tightly knit natural or synthetic straw material, they are incredibly popular for being lightweight and their ability to provide cooling and ventilation even during the hottest days.

Today, they transcended being merely a functional piece and evolved to be a classic fashion staple that both men and women can wear in a variety of styles. It can quickly give an outfit a refreshing vibe and its much-needed glam without you having to devote much effort.

Of course, we understand that you might be having second thoughts about trying to wear this accessory, afraid to pair it with incorrect clothing. Well, ease your worries as this post is all about getting the best straw hat outfit ideas, ensuring you get it the right way and feel super modish as well.

What Clothes Not to Wear with a Straw Hat?

Truth to be told, there is no specific clothing that you can’t wear with a straw hat. You can literally integrate it with almost any outfit as straw hats are very chic, versatile, and wearable. Instead, everything boils down to simply choosing the right hat and picking the correct straw hat style to match your specific occasion or your look of the day. To achieve just that, read on below and get the best inspiration.

Straw hat and sunglasses on the sand

Choosing The Right Straw Hat

1. Pick the right size

One of the first things you need to look at when finding the perfect straw hat is the size. Fortunately, you can find different brands that sell straw hats in all sorts of sizes. Other hats have a fit adjustment band that you can simply adjust to fit the straw hat to your head.

Be mindful that you shouldn’t wear a straw hat that is too big or too tight. Wearing the latter can mess with proportions and make your outfit look unbalanced. Meanwhile, donning the latter would most likely give you a headache or leave you a mark across your forehead at the end of the day.

2. Select the right straw hat for the occasion.

Gone are the days when straw hats are restrained to being vacation accessories. You can definitely wear them today even if you’re not on the beach. All you need to do is to select the right straw hat that fits the occasion. There are straw hats that are available for everyday use, semi-formal events, or even for formal outings.

For instance, if you’re attending a formal event and wearing an elegant and glamorous outfit, you can match it with a boater hat that looks chic with a dress and suit. If you’re attending a casual gathering with the family, a backyard party with friends, or a boat trip, your best bet is wearing a straw Fedora hat with a shorter brim and taller head section that gives off a casual and modernistic appeal.

Meanwhile, there are also some hybrid options, such as hats that provide a nautical look while in a lovely western style. They go excellent with everyday outfits as they appear more relaxed and are ideal for short hair.

Again, a straw hat can go with almost any outfit. The main idea is seeing to it that they’re conveying the same message. Start by assessing what your preferred clothing for the day is saying. You won’t most likely be wearing a floppy beach straw hat with a full winter outfit, as that will be perplexing. The same goes with wearing a beanie with your two-piece swimsuit on.

A man holding a straw hat

Straw Hat Styles

To further help you assess which straw hat can fit your outfit, it’s best to know the different straw hat styles and what type of clothing suits them best.

1. Boater Straw Hats

Usually made of stiff straw, boater straw hats feature a unique look, having a rigid flat brim and crown. This style has been very popular in history, as they have been worn traditionally with formal outfits on warm weather events. It’s an excellent unisex option, and a timeless, fashionable piece perfect for sophisticated outfits meant for like dressier events like a High Tea party or a Polo match. Wear it with formal clothing and appear luxurious and chic effortlessly.

2. Panama Straw Hats

Panama straw hats are among the most popular types of straw hats, traditionally worn by men during vacations. Usually made of light-colored Toquilla straw, they are often matched with light linen or silk suits. Boasting great breathability and ease of wear, women have also started wearing Panama hats for travel. Plus, this Ecuadorian masterpiece also comes in various colors and designs that match any personality.

3. Fedora Straw Hat

Often confused with Panama straw hats, Fedora straw hats differ from Panama straw hats as they are defined mainly for their shape. It has a distinct low crown, slightly wide brim, and a pinched front that all makes it a stylish ensemble. Fedora straw hats are perfect for both men and women looking for a lightweight and fashionable hat. They can match any outfit without disrupting the overall style.

You can wear them with denim shorts or jeans and a button-down shirt or a classic tee and they look absolutely fantastic. Don’t be afraid to wear them on a cruise or a city tour, as they can also complement casual shirts, t-shirt dresses, and linen pants and shorts for that chic and casual look.

4. Floppy Beach Straw Hat

As its name suggests, floppy beach straw hats are the very popular straw hat style worn by women on their beach getaways. Having an incredibly broad brim that can go up to 10 inches wide, they provide the best sun protection while looking perfect in a bikini and cover-up. As they’re very popular, they transcended their purpose. You can also wear them with rompers, sheer dresses, and jumpers and still look amazing.

Just be mindful that floppy beach straw hats are available at different price points and come in different qualities. Not to say that all are cheaply made, but there are cases when beachgoers get sunburnt on their scalps after opting to wear inexpensive ones. So, check the tightness of the weave and overall quality if you’re after the sun protection apart from enhancing your look.


Straw hats can be your best shot at bringing your outfit to the next level. Don’t think much about what type of clothes you shouldn’t be wearing with them so you won’t be restrained on what to wear. Instead, focus on choosing the right straw hat size and style to match your preferred outfit and look. Once done, wear your hat with utmost confidence and a smile to look even more amazing.