This is How Vehicle Warranty Calls Will Look Like in 10 years

A warranty is a contract often used by vehicle companies to ensure that the vehicles they are issuing are in tip-top shape and in good condition. It is for the buyer’s comfort level and to make sure that what they are buying is protected by the law. The terms and conditions on the warranty might change depending upon what you are planning to purchase from the store. Because of the current situation in which people are getting scammed under the guise of vehicle warranty calls, there are modifications in the way that companies are going about it. This is to make sure that their customers do not get scammed and are in safe hands.


There are some significant steps that have been taken in order to improve the entire situation and make vehicle warranty calls reformed and better for the people buying cars and looking for them.

Personal Info

For starters, we shall talk about personal information. Half the time, people are very reckless with the personal information and they give it out to people claiming to be officials and such. This is a very stupid thing to do considering you have no verification to make sure that the person is who they are saying they are.

On the off chance, that you come across a scam artist trying to scam you out of a significant amount of money, you will risk all your bank info and your social security info. There are a few steps that you can take to make sure that it is not a scam artist. You can verify the number that called with a number on the website to make sure it is the same. You can also use the number that you already have to make sure that the person calling is from the company.

The callers will also clear up any doubts that the recipient might have before trying to pry any information from them. You should be able to ask any questions that you want, and the questions need to be answered correctly for you to move any further with the questionnaire. It is a simple procedure that the caller should not be afraid of following through with if they are genuine.

Time and Other Information

If it is an official call, many of the times, the company will alert the customer and let them know that they will be receiving a confirmation call. This alert should be from a reliable resource and should not be from a spam email or a random text from a random number. This is a matter that you need to stay vigilant in or you might end up losing a great deal of money in a matter of minutes. The reliable email is likely to contain certain information like the time when the call will be made and the subject of said call. You will have most of the information including the number that will be used to make the call.

You should keep all of this in mind before you move any further. This is to make sure that you do not get scammed. There will be a set giveaway if the call is a fake and is trying to dupe you out of money. The caller is likely to have little or no information about the company and the information that they do try to relay will either be wrong or filled with gaps. This should be your red flag that the call is in fact disingenuous and that you should not give them any more information.

The Do-not-call Registry

Another measure that you can take to ensure that you do not get any scam calls and such, is to register your number in the do-not-call registry. There is one in almost every country and you can do this to make sure you do not get calls from any scam artists. The government will take extra precautions to make sure that you are not contacted by any random number. However, if you get a call even after registering yourself on the registry, the call is probably fake and from a scam artist and you should avoid picking up the phone.

Implied Warranty

Another aspect to the change system is the step of implied warranties. When you are buying a vehicle of sorts then chances are you will get a warranty when you purchase the car. Most expensive items come with their own set of warranties to protect them from any mishaps. Any call made to you in the later days concerning a warranty is probably fake and there is no reason for you to trust it. If it is a follow up call from the company then there will either be an alert from before or the number will be verified. Anything else is not a call that you should trust in any way.

Extended Warranties

Do not under any circumstances trust calls that talk about an extension to a warranty that you currently have. This is not common practice with companies and trusting any such calls is stupid. Oftentimes, extended warranties are not a thing provided by companies. If you want to extend your warranties and the offer seemed attractive, you should call the company that you bought the warranty from and ask them to extend it for you.


Another way to be sure that call being made is genuine is the lack of the element of pressure. There will be no forcefulness in the way that representative is talking, and they will willingly give you all the information that you need. You should remember to double check any information using a pamphlet or a website that is concerned with the company.


All things aside, vehicle warranty calls are becoming a common phenomenon, especially those under a company are being significantly reformed to protect their customers and make sure that none of their customers become victims to any form of scam calling.