Six Travel Essentials Everyone Needs

There are people that travel all the time and those who don’t travel at all. It doesn’t matter which one are you; these essential items can apply to you. Travel essentials depend on the person, but we have something here that everyone can use!From a caffeine patch to a water bottle, continue reading for our must-have travels items, no matter where your destination is.

1. Caffeine Patch

There’s nothing worse than waking up wanting a hot cup of coffee, only to realize your hotel room doesn’t have any. Many of us rely on that morning cup to get us going; how are we supposed to get through a long day without that burst of energy? This is where a caffeine patch comes in. Perfect for long travel days, an early morning boost, or getting through a mid-day slump, these handy and discrete patches will give you just what you need.

They contain B12, which significantly helps you stay focused, alert, and present. We can all relate to feeling groggy as we slump through the airport for an early flight or feel ourselves losing focus on a long drive. Do yourself a favor and stock up on caffeine patches! They’ll be your new favorite travel essential.

2. Travel Pillow

No matter your preferred transportation, a travel pillow should be added to everyone’s essentials list. Traveling can be a hassle, so when it’s time to enjoy the ride, you deserve to relax; these pillows can be a lifesaver, or a neck-saver, depending on the kind you get. Travel pillows come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.

They can save you severe neck pain, especially if you have a long ride ahead of you. Portable and typically lightweight, our number two essential item will soon become you best travel companion.

3. Hand Sanitizer

After years of COVID-19 scares, hand sanitizer has become an essential that no one should forget about. We can all remember a time when travel was banned due to the restrictions, and no one wants to be back there. Keeping a bottle of sanitizer was a must-have a few years ago, and it should still have a spot in your essentials rotation.

They can come in many forms, like liquid, spray, or wipes, and conveniently come in travel sizes, so you can carry your sanitizer anywhere. Consistently using hand sanitizer can shield you from bacteria, especially in tight, cramped spaces you might encounter while traveling.

4. Good Pair of Headphones

Some may question whether headphones are really an essential item, but most will agree that they are. A good pair can help you pass the time on a long trip and calm you down. From listening to your favorite music to binge watching a show to doing a meditation, headphones will help you forget you’re even traveling. There are plenty of headphones on the market, but some are more comfortable than others. Make sure you do some research before purchasing to find ones that fit your needs and budget.

5. Toiletry Bag

If you don’t have a go-to toiletry bag for your necessary travel items, now is the time to get one! It can hold your toothbrush, deodorant, caffeine patch, and much more. Depending on your mode of travel transportation, a toilet bag can only contain certain amounts of items, so be sure to check the restrictions before you pack.

6. Water Bottle

The last essential is a water bottle; it’s a simple but important addition to our list. A good water bottle can last years if you get the right brand. Like headphones, there are several types of water bottles available, but not all are created equally. Some can get pretty pricey, so be sure to do your research beforehand. We prefer ones that keep your liquids at your desired temperature while also being sweat-resistnat; nothing is worse than having the condensation from a bottle leaking all over your bag.


Picking only six travel essentials is tough, but they each deserve a spot in your bag. Each one is unique but can make your trip much more manageable. Whether it’s being more alert, awake, and focused with a caffeine patch or tuning out the stressors of traveling with headphones, we have something for you! Which item will you pack first?