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Home Blog Michael Giannulis Emphasizes on How Your Children Can Stay Active amid COVID-19

Michael Giannulis Emphasizes on How Your Children Can Stay Active amid COVID-19

Michael Giannulis Emphasizes on How Your Children Can Stay Active amid COVID-19

With the coronavirus creating mayhem in the US and worldwide, schools closed due to the lockdown. It has made virtual learning and staying at home for your kids mandatory to stay safe from the pandemic. Then, your children can stay active even when they are attending online classes from the comfort of their homes.

Your kids require the space and time to stay active, like exercising daily as they used to do in their physical training classes at school. With some planning, you can make certain that your kiddo stays physically active even at home. Here is how:

Mike Giannulis recommends creating a daily routine

First things first, make a daily schedule like a usual school routine including breaks so that your child will be on the right track. Squeeze time out after online lessons are over for an hour of exercise. It could anything like freehand exercises, walking, skipping, cycling, and things like that.

Find time for a lunch break, afternoon, and evening snacks. When your kid is solving some math problems, give him a breather for a few minutes for movement or short physical activities. The duration should not be more than 20 minutes.

Make sure your kid retires to bed at the same time every night so that his sleep is not disturbed. Your child should wake early in the morning, eat breakfast, do some walking, take a bath, and attend his or her virtual classes.

Find time for short activity breaks

Michael Giannulis thinks that finding time for activity breaks is essential amid the pandemic. Your kid’s age should determine the number of breaks he or she needs during the day. Younger kids may require some physical activity after an hour of learning and old children and teenagers need a break between topics or subjects.

Make sure your kids make the most of these breaks playing, stretching, or walking in the yard, or go outside. Parents can take turns picking the activity every day or each week. These activities will help you stay healthy and fit even if he is staying home and attending virtual classes.

You can also encourage your kiddo to take a stretching session together, yes the entire family. Your kid can do that from his or her desk, like stretching the shoulders and releasing them and repeat the process.

Focus on longer workout sessions

Besides short breaks, your kid also needs longer exercise time to stay healthy and well. Make sure your child has at least 60 minutes to do all the exercises. There is no need to work out continuously but divide the time into equal segments. Give your child protein shakes after he or she is through with all the exercises. It is important to keep your kid energized.

Take your kid outside

You can go for a quick walk with your kid in the morning or go jogging. Cycling is a good exercise when your kid is stuck at home most of the time amid the pandemic. However, follow social distancing when going out with your child.


Keep your kid active when he or she is at home for months and attending virtual classes. Keep your kids healthy and safe from the pandemic.

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