Major Divisions Of Game Management


The game, in this sense, means wildlife and this looks into the life and activities of all undomesticated animals in the forest. Even though wildlife is completed unrelated to human life, humans have developed a keen interest in it and have continued to explore as well as discover methods to influence the interaction between the animals in the wildlife and us.

Aspects of Game Management

Game management can be broadly divided into three divergent aspects. These are:


Just like the traditional rearing of domestic animals like goats, cattle, and birds; it is also possible to keep and manage the game, that is, wild animals. It deals with the feeding of the game which you can easily learn on Feed That Game and elimination of animals that might be a threat to a particular set of animals to ensure they maintain a high level of species existence as well as reducing the risk of extinction of such animals. Different types of animals can be kept especially those that are less wild like deer, zebras, and antelopes. The kind of game kept in a locality might also be determined by the distribution of wildlife in such places. The possibility of keeping games contributed greatly to the reduction of poaching.

Wildlife Conservation

Conservation a deliberate effort by man to preserve, maintain, protect, and restore the originality of a phenomenon precisely, natural ones. Our wildlife has been greatly affected by several crises and this has called for immediate actions to ensure its existence. Wildlife conservation will maintain the natural diversification in biological life through carefully selected ecological measures like succession and zoology. Other techniques used by biologists and zoologists in the promotion of wildlife conservation include selective exploitation, reafforestation, nitrification, cross-breeding, and other biological processes. Every human has a role to play in ensuring the success of this aspect of game management and the government has directed some efforts such as the creation of forest reserves and game reserves.

Pest and Predator Control

This is similar to wildlife conservation but differs in terms of the aim of the action. This is to regulate the impact of pests and predators on wildlife especially the preys. Failure to control the actions of these two organisms will lead to an imbalance in the community of wildlife and more animals will be vulnerable to extinction. To achieve this, chemical substances like pesticides cab be used to eradicate the pests and hunting seasons are organized for professional hunters targeted at reducing the number of certain animals in the forest. Hence, humans can influence the population of preys and predators in the forest.  You can also learn tools like screen capture and editing to track animals.

Game management is an important aspect of life as it is integral to both humans and animals. Games provide food for man in the form of meat and several ornamental materials are gotten from these animals. Life in the wild is something man must look into with great attention to achieve certainly established aims and to balance the need of all organisms either lower or higher.