How To Uninstall An Ignition Interlock

An ignition interlock is a device installed into your car to prevent you from starting your vehicle until you pass a breath alcohol test. Most states require that you use ignition interlock devices for at least a year. After your suspension period is over, you may start thinking of how to uninstall your ignition interlock device. Let’s get into it.

Contact Your Monitoring Authority

You could be tempted to uninstall your ignition interlock device yourself to save a few bucks. You should never attempt to remove your device on your own. Only vendors authorized by your device’s manufacturer can remove your ignition interlock device. Tampering with your device can lead to the loss of all your driving privileges, fines, or even extended ignition interlock lease requirements.

Note: Computer software that is not made available to the public is required to uninstall your ignition interlock device.


A lockout is when your ignition interlock device does not allow you to start your vehicle until it is re-calibrated. There are several causes of a lockout like tampering with your device or having several failed attempts to have a clean breath test. Also, check here if you’re asking “can I drive another car without interlock”.

State Compliance

You must follow the rules and regulations surrounding the installation of your device. Each state has different laws put in place for DUI offenses. You should always check with the state you made your offense to make sure you have met all the requirements before removing your device.

Data Report

Before the installation of your ignition interlock device, all your data on the device is downloaded and reviewed. All the data is reported to the necessary authority to ensure a successful uninstallation. Uninstallation usually requires collecting data from your ignition interlock device for a final report.

Servicing Of Your Device

You are required to service your ignition interlock device every 60 days until the day it will be removed. Failure to show up for device servicing will lead to losing your driving privileges until you comply with the requirements. Your monitoring authority will provide you with a list of service locations.

Time Period

You should know that your device provider will not uninstall your ignition interlock device if your mandated time is not up. You should check that you have finished the required time before attempting to remove your device.

Your Car

This may sound very ridiculous but you must ensure that you go with your car to start the uninstallation process. This can happen especially if you have been depending on public transit or if you have been sharing rides to wait out the suspension period.


If your local authority provides you with some paperwork for uninstallation, you should fill them out before going for the uninstallation. This will make the process much faster.

Driver’s License

It is also important to show up with your driver’s license when you want to have your ignition interlock device uninstalled. Your monitoring authority needs to confirm your identity and license status before they can proceed to remove the ignition interlock device from your car.

Uninstallation Time

It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete the uninstallation. This time is to review your documents and safely uninstall the device from your vehicle. When it is removed, there will be no traces of your ignition interlock device being there again.


A monthly fee is charged for you to use your ignition interlock device. Failure to pay can also lead to additional penalties. You should also be prepared to pay a small fee for the removal of your ignition interlock device.

After uninstalling your ignition interlock device, you will be free and no longer be inconvenienced by the presence of your device. You can also decide to keep your device voluntarily if you feel you are still at risk of drinking and driving.