Escape Rooms at Escape Hour: What to Expect?

Do you have any idea what an escape room is? Are you seriously trapped in a room? What’s that all about? Basically, escape rooms are enthralling experiences that encourage teamwork to achieve a goal. These are educational, cognitive, and learning experiences. Escape rooms in Calgary offer an unparalleled play experience. They give players educational scenarios that make them feel happy, thrilled, and smarter.

Escape Hour features interactive rooms where you and your team members will play without interruption for an hour. It’s about testing your mind. During the game, you’ll find mysterious objects, puzzles, riddles, disguised items, surprises, hints, and a lot of key information, which brings you closer to the solution. Find patterns, surprising similarities, or something that doesn’t add up. Intrigued? Find out more!

Escape Hour Offers Various Thematical Rooms

These rooms are more than right how clever you are or how well you can lock-pick. Here, we test the bravery of your people. It’s so much about teamwork. You’ll quickly discover precisely what kind of player you’re and what you can give your team to win.

Are you some kind of leader? A searcher? Some kind of problem solver? Maybe you’re way above it! Our rooms are rather difficult, so take at least 2 players per room. But don’t worry, our playmate will be with you all the way, ready to help.

Expect to be surprised since our rooms will entertain you with our unrivaled ideas, riddles, and unsurpassed themes. Actually, we often find our players completely stunned by our games.

We have different thematical rooms for you:

  • Bank Robbery;
  • The Matrix;
  • The 5 Elements;
  • The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar;
  • The Curse of the Evil Genie;
  • Prohibition;
  • CypherSpace.

They’re all based on beloved movies! Each of our unique rooms will make you feel thrilled and happy.

Why Choose Escape Hour

We’re focused to discover new ways to stretch the minds of our players and satisfy their desire to find the solution and win. We love our games the same way you do. And we’re still trying to take it to the “next level.”

As such, our activities are continuously improving, based on the clarity of the puzzle of the arrangement of parts. You can be sure that we’re obsessed with innovation and the first-rate customer experience.

Just come check it out! Experience first-hand our hard work, culminating in Escape Hour Calgary.