Amazing Stories of People Walking Away from Accidents

Accidents are known to cause thousands of deaths every year. While some escape by being lucky, others are sadly not that fortunate. There are some amazing survival stories of people who have walked away from accidents without or slightly getting hurt. It is a well-known fact that it is not the accident itself but the impact that results in injuries and deaths.  “Nearly one-third of all fatal accidents are attributed to speeding or driving too fast for conditions.” Samuel Dordulian, a distinguished auto accident attorney at Dordulian Law Group, says.  Therefore, if someone escapes without getting hurt, they should thank their luck. Let us take a look at some of the most amazing stories of people walking away from accidents.

Nicole Hart’s Distraction

On April 30, 2019, at around 10:30 am, Nicole Hart had just started her daily routine by hopping into her car and continuing her journey on a 45-mph two-lane highway. Unaware, Nicole Heart accidentally drifted into oncoming traffic while she was searching for tissue and glanced off a Ford pickup truck before smashing into the utility trailer that was towing it. The impact was such that her vehicle rolled six times before coming to a stop. The first witness to arrive was amazed to see that Nicole Heart was well alive, responding, and conscious, which is a rare scenario in such cases.

The crash resulted in a sprained wrist, light bruises and a gash on her tongue. She was kept in the hospital for a day or two just to make sure if some other serious damage was done as well. However, she walked away without any major injuries. Although Nicole Hart says that by looking at the vehicle she could not believe as to how she survived but she also at the same time believes that vehicles today have become safer. Nicole Hart’s claim is supported by the fact that in 2017 alone, American drivers were involved in around 6.5 million crashes. 4.5 million out of them had walked away without any injuries.

Michael Benson’s Helicopter Crash

Michael Benson and his colleague Chris Duddy in 1992 were in the process of shooting aerial footage of Hawaii for a movie when their helicopter crashed over Kilauea, which happens to a volcano that is the most active in the world. Narrowly escaping the boiling lava pool, pilot Craig Hosking and the cameraman plunged inside the crater of the volcano.

Fortunately, both Duddy and Hosking were able to make contact with safety the very next day but the rescue team found it difficult to locate Benson amidst the fume clouds. Benson did not sleep for two straight days, listening to the boiling lava pool underneath, until he was able to escape as well when a safety net was dropped through the thick fog.

Harrison Okene’s Capsizing Boat

In 2013, Harrison Okene was in the washroom when his tugboat capsized and rapidly started to sink in the coast of Nigeria. By crouching into a pocket of air, Harrison Okene was able to survive for three days while being trapped underwater. Upon the arrival of the rescue team, they were surprised to find out when a hand popped up for help, which was the hand of Harrison Okene, who had survived freezing temperature, depleting oxygen supply and was stacking up mattresses to avoid the rising waters.

Reshma Begum and the Rana Plaza

In April 2013, Bangladesh witnesses a tragedy in which a building located near Dhaka by the name of Rana Plaza collapsed, leaving 1,100 people dead. At the time, Reshma Begum was working as a seamstress in the same plaza and was amongst those, buried under the rubble. As the heartbreaking search for the missing continued, rescuers heard a banging sound and found Reshma Begum alive after 17 days. She had a limited amount of food and water with her that kept her alive. The young mother was pulled from the rubble and was reunited with her family quite soon as she did not receive any major injuries.

A Mom and a Baby

A mother along with her baby, who were not named, on March 4, 2020 were traveling on Highway 64/Old Hollow Road Intersection in Cleveland when another car jumped the red signal and impacted the vehicle that was being driven by the mother along with her baby. According to the witnesses, the car flipped twice at least before resting vertically. Several people, who had witnessed the crash, arrived at the scene to help the mother and her baby. They were amazed to see that both were doing well and there were little or no injuries at all. After thoroughly checking the victims for any major injuries, the mother and her baby were released to the family.

Arizona’s Three Vehicle Crash

On October 8, 2018, three vehicles, including four people were involved in an accident that could have resulted in serious consequences. The impact resulted in one of the vehicles to land at the top of another sedan involved in the accident. As stated by one of the victims, she was traveling northbound on Williamson Valley Road when she was struck by a black truck, which caused her to lose control of her vehicle. Her vehicle then swerved into oncoming traffic and collided with a black truck. As a result of the impact, her car flipped through the air and landed at the top of a red sedan. There were two people seated inside the sedan and fortunately walked away without any injuries. The woman whose vehicle landed on the top also escaped unhurt without any injuries at all.

Tom Lewis Haines and His Friends

Tom Lewis Haines along with his brother John and three other individuals were traveling in a 1961 Mercury Comet at around 45+ miles an hour, late in the evening. In total five teenagers were sitting in the car without wearing seatbelts. The car arrived at a curve when John was blinded by an oncoming car. Confused and since he was not able to determine as to where he was at the curve, John steered the car to the right which caused it to hit the pavement and flip three times. The car came to rest in an upright position and was completely wrecked. Tom Lewis Haines, his brother along with their company escaped with a few bruises and did not require any stitches or bandages, etc. There were no broken bones, fractures, or any other major injury, which might have resulted in a serious case.

Esteban Soto’s Investigation

Esteban Soto, a collision investigator by profession recalls a case involving an old heavy Chevy Astro Van and a newer model Hyundai sedan. The Hyundai sedan was waiting at the red light while the old Chevy Astro was coming down a steep hill. As clouds were surrounding the vehicle, it continued at a speed of 40 to 50 MPH before plowing straight into the Hyundai sedan. The rear of the vehicle was completely smashed to the passenger compartment as well as the driver seat. Upon searching for the survivors, Esteban found out that the survivors escaped without any major injuries. There was not even a scratch on them, which took Esteban a few moments to digest.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned survival stories are some amongst millions out there. While some people thank their luck, others credit the safety features of their vehicles. Regardless, one should never take their chances for granted and make sure that their life along with the others, especially on the road is not harmed due to recklessness.