World’s Top 10 Most Educated Countries

As the adage goes, education is the key to success. In recent decades, more countries seem to have embraced this statement and integrated it into their culture. Of course, there is still a substantial gap between the developed and developing countries when it comes to the quality of education. The changes, however, are undeniable.

Every nation has a distinct level of education around the globe. Compared to the less-developed countries, the more developed nations have a higher percentage of literate adults and have at least a fundamental high school education. They also have access to more resources, such as best assignment help in UK, or other developed countries. However, in underdeveloped nations, most people do not have access to education. And their quality of education is low. perhaps due to poor governance, lack of funds to run institutions, and poor planning as well.

With passing time, more and more people are enrolling in colleges and high education institutes. As per the UNESCO 2017’s report, the number of students has doubled in these educational institutes. It was 100 million in 2000, which has increased to 207 million in 2014. However, this is not the case of every country; not all of them have contributed to the rise in high education equally.

So, we have come up with a list of the most educated countries in the world based on the highest level of educationor tertiary education. And the source used in this article is from the 2018 data from OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development).

An education level comprises of below upper secondary, upper secondary, and tertiary education. The definition of an adult education level of a country as per OECD is a percentage of people who have completed tertiary education. It can be in the form of a vocational program, two-year, or four-year degree, and is between 25 and 64 years old.

The list of the most educated countries includes:

1. Canada

Victoria_CollegeCanada is the most educated country in the world. Canada’s total population is 37.7 million, and the percentage of citizens with tertiary education (aged between 25 and 64) is 57.89. It shows that 60% population of Canada has the highest level of education. The major cities in Canada include Vancouver,Québec City, Toronto, Ottawa (the capital), and Montréal.

Despite having several cities, Canada is also home to an enormous swath of wilderness, such as Niagara Falls and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Degrees in business administration, finance, engineering, and management sciences are among the top ten degrees.

The top universities in Canada include the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, the University of Alberta, etc.

2. Russia

The second country in our list of the most educated countries is Russia, and it has a total population of 146 million. As per 2017, the percentage of the people with tertiary education (aged between 25 and 64) of Russia is 56.70. It is a socialist country, and the government educates its people. As per OECD 2017 figures, the percentage of Russians with an advanced education was fifty-seven.

In 2018, Russia spent 653 billionrubles (more than 8 billion US dollars) on education. And throughout its sprawling landmass, Russia has 766 universities. Moscow State University is the highest-rated university in Russia and is ranked 266th by the US News and World Report as the world’s best college. It offers excellent programs in space science, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

3. Japan

Japan has a total population of 126.5 million and is among the top 5 most educated countries because over half of its adult population has completed the highest level of education. The percentage of the people with tertiary education (aged between 25 and 64) of Japan is 51.93. It is well-known for its dense cities, and this island nation sits in the Pacific Ocean.

Tokyo is one of such cities that is the home to hundreds of universities and colleges. It has the highest-ranked institution in Japan, The University of Tokyo. Other cities in the country are also home a number of famous institutions, which give students a wide range of options when choosing their career paths. It also ensures that every talented student is able to realize their dreams regardless of where they live (or would like to live).

Of course, like other developed countries, Japan also accepts international students. Although there are universities that offer programs with English as the medium of instruction, there is always a need for foreigners to learn a little Japanese. Fortunately, this is made easier by institutions like Taiyo Japanese Language School, which aims to equip learners with the communication tools they need to learn the language.

4. Israel

Compared to the United States, the education system of Israel is quite different. It is one of the highly educated countries without a doubt. Israel’s total population is 8.66 million, and the percentage of the citizen with tertiary education is 50.92.

Military service in Israel is compulsory.  Therefore, everyone is obliged to join the military at the age of 18. As such, the average age of a university-level degree holder in Israel is 29 years, which is slightly higher than the rest of the countries. top universitieAccording to the US News and World Report, Weizmann Institute of Science is the best university in Israel and ranked 99th in the entire world as the best global university.

5. South Korea

SNU_Museum_of_Art.The total population of South Korea is 51.3 million, and its percentage of the population (aged 25-64) with tertiary education is 49.01. It shares heavily militarized borders with North Korea and is on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is the home of the top universities of the country.

Chuncheon, Gyeongsan, Daegu, and Cheonan are well-known for their study abroad programs and colleges.

6. United States

America has eight out of 10 top universities worldwide as per the US News and World Report rankings. Moreover, it dominates the best colleges rankings as well. The United States has a total population of 328.2 million (as of 2019), and the percentage of the population (aged 25-64) of this country with tertiary education is 47.43.

The top universities in the USA include Harvard, Stanford, MIT, University of California, California Institute of Technology, and several more.

7. Ireland

Ireland secures its rank in the top ten highly educated countries. It has a total population of 4.9 million, and the Emerald Isle has been famous for its writers for quite a long time.  Moreover, the percentage of the population (aged 25-64) of this country with tertiary education is 46.94.

A few of Ireland’s best colleges include the Royal College of Surgeons, the National University of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, and University College Dublin. Galway, Cork, and Limerick are known for their university like Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

8. United Kingdom

Wales, Northern Ireland, England, and Scotland make up the United Kingdom. It is the birthplace of well-admired Shakespeare and is a well-read population. The total population of the United Kingdom is 67.9 million and is one of the most educated nations. Moreover, the percentage of the population (aged 25-64) with tertiary education is 45.78.

London is renowned for its global influence and colleges, while the country is also the home to centuries-old universities, including Cambridge and Oxford.

9. Australia

Australians are well educated, with half of its nation have a tertiary education. Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide are all significant coastal areas and cities. Moreover, the cultural heart of Australia, Melbourne, is famous for its restaurants, live music, museums, cafes, and nightlife. So, students never get bored here.

The country’s total population is 25.5 million, and the total GDP (gross domestic product) is about $1.69 trillion. 70% of that comes from service industry jobs, and many of these jobs do not need an advanced degree. The college graduates fill the top-tier position of the sector.

Secondary industries with a higher need for college degrees include tourism, entertainment, health care, and media. And the top universities of Australia include the University of Sydney, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, and many more.

10. Finland

University_of_HelsinkiThis European nation has a population of 5.5 million, and it borders Russia, Norway, and Sweden andranks above all three for having the most educated citizens. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is home to some significant universities. Moreover, the students can also find substantial options in Jyvaskyla and Turku.

The top universities of Finland include the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Oulu, University of Turku, etc.


Education is crucial for any nation, whether it is developed, developing, or under-developed. The mentioned are the world’s top ten most educated countries. Since Canada is the most educated country globally, it ranks at the top of our list. And this is the reason why students from all over the world prefer to move to Canada for higher education and jobs.