Where can I get crypto for free?

Cryptocurrencies are steadily gaining in popularity and more and more people want to have at least a small supply of coins. The problem is that not everyone wants to give real money to virtual ones, and mining is not as popular as it used to be. The good news is that you can get coins and tokens just by playing your favorite games. Do you find that hard to believe? Here and on the https://globalcryptoexpert.com/university/top-10-apps-that-pay-crypto/ you can find a list of apps that pay in crypto.

The most profitable applications

Coin Hunt World!

You will have to go on a quest for keys to open the vaults in this game. The thing is that Coin Hunt World encourages you to go on a hunt in the real world. Just like in your favorite Pokémon Go, but instead of chasing new Pokémon, players can find cryptocurrency. You will explore your neighborhood to find hidden boxes. The prize in them can be Bitcoin or Ethereum, or in-game resources.

In 2021, players earned a total of $1.5 million while traveling 35 million kilometers.


Ninneko is ninja cats, who you will have to breed in order to get resources – real or game ones.

There are several ways to get crypto in this game – you can breed, summon or trade your Ninneko, or you can sell some of the game items to other players for cryptocurrency. Of all the apps that pay in crypto, this one is the cutest. Where else can you say that you are earning money for selling cats?


This app is interesting because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, for maintaining which you can earn money! It counts your steps – that’s how you earn. The only catch is that you have to buy special sneakers to connect to the system of earning cryptocurrency. Put them on and earn money for every move you make!


This app pays for completing tasks in cyberspace – these can be completing surveys, watching promotional videos, and more. It’s free, though you will need to pay to access the most profitable tasks. But even without that, you can easily get money for your time spent on the Internet! Players get hundreds of dollars monthly here.


This is another free game with its own universe that you progress through as you step into the real world.

Depending on your activity, your pet, Genopet, develops, and tokens are earned. Another great option to take care of your health while earning money! Remember – when you take care of yourself, you also take care of your Genopet.


As in Cointiply, in Freecash you earn by performing tasks. Large marketing companies order surveys or product testing. For doing this, you get game coins, which can be exchanged for the most popular cryptocurrencies. You are paid for sharing your opinion! Players earn hundreds of dollars a month in this app.

Beast Garden

Like many popular games now, Beast Garden is based on you assembling a team of fighters and fighting other teams. Your goal is to collect the best and strongest monsters. You’ll have to feed them well because your winnings depend on their victory — that’s how you can earn real tokens!

To earn extra money, you can also bet on the game.


In this game, you assemble a team of bomb heroes, which will fight the monsters for tokens. You’ll have to pay for the battle — you have to bet a few tokens, but the winner will take the whole pool!

The catch is that to buy the first bomb hero you have to pay with your tokens — that’s the only way to start playing.


This app is different from the others — here you don’t have to step or fight, but you have to buy. This is a cashback app, by installing which you get cashback in cryptocurrency for the purchases you make. You can shop at 1,500 online stores, including such sites as eBay and AliExpress. Don’t you think it’s a nice bonus to get not only the product you ordered but also some crypto coins on your account?


Another unique app that pays you to watch your favorite content. Sounds too good to be true? But it is, you just have to install the app and choose what you will watch. Given the wide selection of videos, you’re sure to find something you can enjoy while earning tokens.

You can get the app for your TV or phone — whichever you prefer

As you can see, you don’t have to know about exchanges or mine coins to get cryptocurrency. It may well be just a nice bonus to your usual pastime — just choose the app that’s right for you and start earning!