What Were the Most Popular Baby Names in the USA in the 2010s?

Popular baby names change per year, but have you wondered what are the most common names parents in the 2010s have given their babies? Well, for the last decade, Noah and Emma have taken the crown. According to the US Social Security Administration, there were over 163,000 baby boys named Noah, and 177,000 babies were named Emma this decade.

Most Popular Boy’s Names in the 2010s

  1. Noah
    The Biblical name Noah has been up 19 spots from the previous decade. Noah means “rest” and “peace,” and it is of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, Noah was famous for creating an ark of refuge for his family and animals by twos, keeping them safe from the great flood.
  2. Liam
    Liam started at No. 30 in 2010 and reached the top spot in 2017 and 2018. The name means “harnessed with a gilded helmet,” or a “strong-willed warrior.” It’s of Irish origin. The name began as a short version of William, but it became a formidable name of its own.
  3. Jacob
    Jacob is a Hebrew name that means “supplanter.” It’s a famous Biblical name as well, but in spite of its age, it’s still as popular as ever.
  4. Mason
    Mason was at No. 48 in the 2000s decade, and it reached the No. 2 spot in 2011 to 2012. It stayed popular throughout the decade.
  5. William
    William has always been a popular boy’s name since the 1900s. This name has the same meaning as Liam. It invokes literary thoughts, as many famous writers are named William. Plus, there’s Prince William.
  6. Ethan
    Ethan means “strong” and “firm,” making it a perfect boy’s name.
  7. Michael
    There are already so many Michaels in the world, but the popularity of this name has always stood the test of time. It’s a classic evergreen name that means “Who is like God?” It’s a rhetorical question, implying that there’s no one like God. This name is derived from one of the archangels in Hebrew tradition.
  8. Alexander
    Alexander is another classic name given to a host of prolific men in history, and of course, baby boys in the 2010s. The name means “defender of the people,” and is of Greek origin.
  9. James
    We all know a good guy named James. It’s a timeless name, common in almost every decade. There are so many famous people and US Presidents named James. The name shares the same meaning as Jacob, which means “supplanter.” It’s also a common name from the Bible, thanks to James, the disciple of Jesus.
  10. Elijah
    Another popular Biblical name, Elijah, means “My God is Yahweh.” It has Hebrew origins, as Elijah is an anglicized form of the Hebrew name “Eliyahu.”

Most Popular Girls’ Names in the 2010s

  1. Emma
    The name Emma is universally appealing. It was already widely popular in the 2000s when it was the third most popular girls’ name. Its popularity of this name has risen since the 1990s. The name means universal, complete, and whole.
  2. Sophia
    Sophia is an old name, yet it still remains to be popular. There are many variations of Sophia, but the most common is Sofia. The name means “wisdom.”
  3. Olivia
    Olivia is a beautiful name, which perhaps explains its popularity, even with its unremarkable meaning – “ancestor’s descendant.” It is of English origin and is derived from the male name Oliver. In Latin, Olivia means “olive tree.”
  4. Isabella
    The popularity of the name Isabella skyrocketed in the last decade. This name is of Italian origins, and it means “God is my oath.” The name creates a lot of nicknames like Izzy, Iz, Belle, and Bella.
  5. Ava
    Ava is of Latin origin, and it means “like a bird.” It has only been popular around the 2010s. The name was initially a tiny version of the name Avis, but Ava sounds prettier. It also has a Hollywood ring to it.
  6. Mia
    Mia is a name that has a lot of meanings. It’s a diminutive form of Maria, but Mia is the cooler and more modern alternative. The name means “bitter” or “of the sea” and is of Scandinavian origin. However, the name is popularly associated with the Italian and Spanish word “mia,” which both means “mine.” It’s also a recognized derivation from the Slavic word “Mila,” which means “dear” or “darling.” Pick your meaning.
  7. Abigail
    Abigail is a bit of an old-fashioned name, but there are still many kids right now named Abigail. It’s of Hebrew origin, which means “joy of the Father.”
  8. Emily
    Emily is a classic girls’ name. In Latin, it means “industrious.” But the name Emily has an English origin, which means “to strive or excel,” or “rival.” A name is an English form of the Latin name Amelia.
  9. Madison
    The name Madison has fallen out of fashion as a boy’s name, and nowadays, it’s usually named for a girl. It means “son of Matthew” and is of English origin. Madison is also a surname that has become popularly used as a female first name.
  10. Charlotte
    Charlotte is a name of French roots, which means “free.” In English, Charlotte is a feminine form of the name Charles. A common variation of this name is Carlotta, an Italian form of Charlotte.