Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, giant technological companies started talking about how artificial intelligence can have potential harm on humans. Although it has many benefits, some people are worried about their effects for many reasons. Nowadays, we can see artificial intelligence in different areas starting from the most serious ones such as medicine and … Read more

Book Review: Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution

AI and Robotic Revolution

If you are anything like me, you have shuddered one too many times thinking about the advancements in artificial intelligence and the possibility of intelligent robots taking over the world. When consuming content on the internet, one has to be careful to distinguish between fact and myth, evidence-based predictions and mere speculations, … Read more

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: A Brief History

a high angle photo of an AI-based robot

Although Artificial Intelligence or AI seems like a new word, it isn’t new technology for researchers. This tech is much older than a normal person would imagine. The history of AI may feel like a dense and impenetrable subject for people who aren’t familiar with Computer Science and its subsets. However, despite … Read more