Maxxtech 9mm Ammo & The Benefits It Offers In Home Defense

Maxxtech 9mm ammunition is extremely popular for use for defense in the home and for good reason. We’ll look into those benefits shortly, but first, let’s provide you with a little background on the origins of this particular calibre.

Germany, 1902

The term ‘9mm’ is actually an abbreviation of ‘9 x 19mm Parabellum’ or ‘9mmP’ and it was originally created in Germany prior to the outbreak of World War One. The manufacturer – Deutsche Waffen Und Munitionsfabriken’ could not have imagined how widely used they would be in the future.

9mm is the most commonly used ammo calibre by the police and the military, with many deciding to use Maxxtech 9mm for protection in the home. 

So, Why Is it So Good For the Home?

Well, the first benefit is the cost, as the fact it’s mass produced and widely used means it’s freely available. This means that it works out cheaper to hone your eye down the range. 

Add to this the fact that 9mm rounds are suitable for a wide range of weapons, from rifles to pistols and the cost factor just keeps on going downwards. You can stock up on these beauties and know for a fact that you’re going to use them one way or the other. 

MaxxTech 9mm is Great For Concealed Carry

One of the most compelling factors to buy 9mm rounds is their versatility. They’re ideal for concealed carry because of their size and they allow more rounds to be carried in the same space.

Accuracy is another big factor with 9mm rounds, which can really help if you never get the time to go and practice at the range. If you’re not full of confidence using a gun, these rounds make it easier to hit whatever it is that’s coming at you.

9mm Ammunition is Great For Hunting Too

There’s a tendency to think that when you’re going hunting that bigger is better in terms of calibre, but that’s not completely accurate. According to an FBI study, 9mm rounds are great for both damage as well as accuracy.

Choosing the right type of 9mm ammo is also important, as stopping power is affected by it. The best Maxxtech 9mm ammo could be hollow point – for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, a hollow point round will be much more likely to stop any assailant coming towards you and secondly, it won’t go all the way through your target and leave a hole in the wall. 

That said, it does come at a cost, as hollow point rounds are quite a bit more expensive than full metal jacket (FMJ), but you do get something for that extra investment. 

A Great Choice For General Use

So, as you can see, 9mm ammo offers much to gun owners across the US, particularly as it’s super-affordable and is very flexible in terms of the weapons you can use the ammo with.

However, when it comes to protection, you need to know that your ammo is fit for purpose and that it’s going to give you and your family the safeguard that you bought it for. You’ve got no such problems when using Maxxtech 9mm ammo, as it ticks all the right boxes.