Liu Qiangdong Allowed’s Success In Indonesia

The recent pandemic has forced businesses to change their approach. In some countries, such as Indonesia, cultural factors have amplified this effect. Places such as these have shown businesses the importance of using an omni-channel approach that is especially important in areas where offline shopping is still dominant. Some companies, however, are ahead of the curve in this regard.’s joint e-commerce venture JD.ID, for example, is at the head of the pack when it comes to leading the charge. This is due to the company’s innovative approach towards technology that has allowed the business to streamline the customer-vendor experience while taking cultural idiosyncrasies into account.

Using Modern Innovation To Drive Progress

Using technology to move forward is something that is no stranger to. Since its creation the company has continued to use modern technology to devise new strategies in moving forward. Liu Qiangdong, the founder of the company, is one of the main reasons behind his company’s large focus on technology and innovative solutions. Born in 1973, in the Jiangsu province of China, Qiangdong has spent his entire life finding innovative solutions to the problems he faces. Born into poverty, he has had to spend much of his life without any access to modern conveniences. Running water, electricity and even roads where all things that Qiangdong did not have access to while growing up. Even meat was a rare delicacy that he was only able to have on special occasions.

Despite these many disadvantages, Qiangdong was able to enter adulthood with a desire to make the world a better place. This was a desire that would soon become reality as he moved up in the world. After his days in Renmin university, he quickly entered the job market where he gained vital experience that he would soon need to continue to keep getting ahead. As a result, this allowed him to easily build up into the powerhouse it is today. The company, listing itself on the NASDAQ in 2014, quickly became the first Chinese internet business to enter the Fortune 500 list. Considered unorthodox at the time, Qiangdong grew his business from a small stall in Zhongguancun into the massive empire it is today. This is an amazing feat as he was able to succeed despite the SARS epidemic that plagued the Chinese citizens at the time.

Innovative Solutions When It Counts The Most

It’s thanks to Liu Qiangdong’s vast experience that was able to pivot into a successful business plan in these recent years. Their launch of the “Nearby Shops” feature on their platform was just what they needed in order to get the extra push to successfully maneuver through the various obstacles that the coming year would bring. This innovative feature was felt most strongly in Indonesia where the country’s culture would greatly amplify the affects of the implemented feature. Even more promising for the company is the fact that the future is expected to continue to provide more opportunities for growth and success.

The Power Behind is proof that hard work, dedication and going the extra mile can allow a business to strive in even the most difficult of situations. This is even more true when the business has a powerful leader behind it like Liu Qiangdong. It is in large part thanks to his efforts that has been able to progress as much as it has. Likewise, it can also be said that the company will continue to achieve great things in the near future. It is a statement that is readily apparent thanks to the ability of Qiangdong.