How to utilize the Forms Templates

Forms Templates will simplify the new records submission process by automatically populating fields. Just populate the most common fields within a table and save the same as a template. Then make it accessible for other users to utilize the form template. Manually, users can apply for a new template when the administrator defining the scripts or creating records to automatically applying templates. It is always frequent for creating form templates such as change, problem, and incident.

Users are allowed to create or access numerous form templates without any restriction or limitation. Each form may include multiple templates and also complicated to manage these templates. For restricting the template creation, it is much easier to create a table-level access control. While modifying the template, the user should utilize the “Save_As_template” option for creating a new template record.

Convenient Form templates

Without compromising the quality, the Marketers will prefer to save time by choosing the appropriate templates to use. While referring to the guide, you can find that the free forms templates or tools are available only in pre-written HTML code or HubSpot. Within a few clicks, a form template will gather the entire important information. As best practices, some of them will utilize a question order and correct form fields.

Make use of the template to take care of the entire process by probing more questions. According to your convenience, users can save time by building numerous drag-and-drop free web forms. The HubSpot WordPress plugin will display the form templates within its entire landing pages.

Different Form Templates

Donation Form Template

Order forms and Donation forms are similar and request to provide the payment & contact information. However, the main purpose is to collect donations or offerings from visitors. In this case, it will never prompt for shipping information and request visitors to input their donation amount or customized payment.

Registration Form Template

Registration Forms are important for any interested leads for registering or signing up for any event or service. Depending on the event or service nature, these forms will never request shipping & billing information. For example, users filling out the registration form to take part in a marathon. In this case, the shipping information is mandatory to send further information or tickets.

Customer Feedback Form Template

The Customer feedback form will primarily focus only on the customer’s feedback or experiences. These survey forms will include numerous fields such as long-term questions, drop-down, lists, and multiple-choice.

Order Form Template

Order forms will allow returning customers or site visitors for making purchases or placing orders through the website. This multi-step form design will prompt shipping, billing, payment, and contact information.

Lead Generation Form Template

Lead generation forms are available to provide a single purpose by converting the website visitors as leads. You can find the same on the landing page and make use of exchanging the discount or content offer. It is also possible to find the lead generation forms anywhere across the website. Similar to a contact form, this form will probe numerous questions that include the form fields. Other information, job title, or visitor’s company name will assist the sales or marketing department to convert them as a lead.

Branding Questionnaire Form Template

These form templates are generally available for designers, brand marketers, and agencies to brand their services to clients. This form will probe numerous questions on the company’s branding like other visual assets, tagline, and its logo.

Contact Form Template

Contact forms will assist the customers or visitors to request customer service, express your business interests or probe questions. They will gather some information like the order number, contact information, and visitor’s name. This can be utilized to provide information or follow-up assistance. Within the Contact Us page, you can typically found the Contact forms.

Booking Form Template

Similar to the contact forms, the Booking form will request some personal information directly from the users. It is used to complete these forms for booking business reservations or appointments, something like a restaurant reservation. Due to these reasons, the booking forms will also contain date & time information.