Does Cannabis Go Bad Over Time?

According to research, around 46% of U.S adults have used cannabis in the past. This species of Cannabaceae contains CBD, a compound that helps relieve chronic pain. The compound can also help you lose weight, improve your lung capacity, treat depression and prevent diabetes. However, you have to use good quality cannabis and store your cannabis properly. After storing your cannabis, you may start to wonder whether it will go bad after some time or not. Below is a detailed explanation of whether cannabis goes bad overtime or not.

Does Cannabis Stay Fresh Even After Storing It for A Long Time?

Cannabis does not go bad over time the way regular food products go bad after being stored for a long time. However, it is likely to lose its aroma, taste, and potency. For instance, if you store cannabis for a long time, it will likely taste harsh and odorless. It might also become too dry. If you consume such cannabis, the chances of you getting sick are less. However, you should not consume it if you notice some mold growth as you will get sick. Your cannabis is likely to become moldy if you store it in a moist place.

What Will Happen to Cannabis After Storing It for A Long Time?

Different cannabinoids are present in cannabis, including cannabidiol CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When you store cannabis for a long time, these cannabinoids will be converted to other chemical compounds. For instance, CBD will be converted into psychoactive cannabinoids, and THC will be converted to cannabinol (CBN). THC is usually more psychoactive than CBN. Your cannabis will also dry out after storing it for a long time. You are likely to feel uncomfortable when smoking such cannabis as it is likely to burn your throat when you inhale its smoke.

What to Do To Ensure That Stored Cannabis Stays Fresh and Potent

To ensure that you get all the benefits offered by fresh and potent cannabis all year round, buy good quality cannabis. You can get such cannabis from Massachusetts Dispensary. Unlike some CBD dispensaries, Massachusetts Dispensary offers both recreational and medicinal cannabis.

After buying this cannabis, you should store it properly. For instance, you should keep it in a glass jar that has a lid. Such a jar will prevent microbial growth, usually caused by external factors, including humidity and heat. However, you should ensure that this jar is clean and dry.

If you do not want to store your cannabis in such a jar, you can store it in a medicine bottle. A medicine bottle is usually designed in a way to keep its contents free from moisture and contamination. You should, however, sanitize the bottle before storing your cannabis in it. You should also avoid storing the cannabis with other organic matter since such matter will encourage mold growth. Below are other things that you need to do to ensure that your cannabis stays potent and fresh.

Keep Your Cannabis Away From Moisture, Heat, and Light

Moisture is likely to encourage mold growth. You have to keep your cannabis away from moisture. You should also keep it away from light, as exposure to light can deteriorate cannabinoids.

To ensure that your cannabis is not exposed to light, you should store it in opaque containers. Such containers will filter out ultraviolet light, ensuring that the terpenes in the cannabis do not dry out. You should also keep the cannabis away from heat.

Titanium containers can help you keep your cannabis away from moisture, heat, and air. These containers only let in the appropriate amount of oxygen and lock unwanted elements outside. When you use them, your cannabis is less likely to lose its flavor and aroma.

Your cannabis will not go bad over time if it is stored properly. However, it might lose its aroma, potency, and flavor. You have to store it in airtight, opaque containers. For instance, you should store it in titanium containers. You should keep these containers away from heat and ensure that they are dry, as moisture can encourage mold growth in the cannabis. Also, it is important that you don’t open the containers frequently.

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