Why Does Crying Make You Feel Better?

A portrait shot of a woman crying

Crying is a natural response of humans to different situations. Humans cry when they are sad as well as happy. For years, it has been assumed that crying is a sign of weakness. However, today science has something completely opposite to say. Believe it or not, science believes that crying helps humans … Read more

What is Cryptozoology?

Kraken image

  This might be the first time you are hearing this term. Cryptozoology is the study of animals/organisms that are rumored to exist. These things have never been recorded by science and remain a myth or folklore. For years, people have claimed to witness certain animals that scientists and researchers have been … Read more

The History of the Artificial Heart

An artificial heart exhibited at the London Science Museum

  In the past years, we have seen impeccable advancement in medicine. Indeed, this field has come a long way. Conditions that were usually considered lethal are now treated easily. Pandemics that killed thousands and millions are now small infections that don’t require serious attention. Similarly, organ replacement and transplantation have changed … Read more

Higgs Boson (The God Particle) Found

Higgs Boson's Origin

The Higgs Boson particle since its inception has kept the scientists and physicists curious about the existence of particle mass and the mechanism. The Higgs mechanism that features the Higgs field and Higgs boson is assumed to provide mass to elementary particles. Over the past few years, particle physicists have been able … Read more

What exactly is Schizophrenia?

a black and white picture of a depressed man

  Schizophrenia is a disorder that attacks the human brain. It messes up with your thoughts and has a great impact on your daily life. But what exactly is this disorder, and how can we treat it? Let’s find out! Definition of Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder. In this condition, … Read more

What are the different parts of the brain?

cerebral lobes

Controlling your entire body is a three-pound organ called the brain. Creativity, intelligence, and emotions are some of the things that our brain governs and controls. For its protection, it is enclosed inside a skull. The brain is composed of the Cerebellum, Cerebrum, and brainstem. In addition to that, the brain is … Read more