How do Colors Influence our Sense of Taste?

A box of nine French macarons in different colors and flavors

  Can you taste colors? Nope. But can you guess the taste in relation to the color you see? Yes. We all expect what food tastes like depending on its color. And when color is off in a certain food, our brain tells us that something is different, too. Long before it’s … Read more

Who was Phineas Gage?

A cabinet-card portrait of Phineas Gage

  It took 13 pounds of iron and an explosion to bring the world to the modern era of neuroscience. Thanks to Phineas Gage, a railroad worker who survived a terrible brain injury at work in 1848. While the doctors and his friends expected him to die, Gage still became able to … Read more

Top 10 Most Lucrative Psychology Careers

A meeting between two women

Psychology is a fascinating career choice for people interested in how their peers work and interact with everything. Not only do you get to observe firsthand what people go through in their lives and how they cope with it, you also end up helping these individuals and improving their lives. Human beings … Read more

The Psychology of Studying – Writing vs Typing Your Notes

a man taking notes

  The world is continuously evolving. Every day, a new technique or instrument is introduced to make our lives easier than before. Sometimes, they are magical. Other times, they are destructive for our natural lifestyle. Studies are a crucial part of any student’s life. Their career depends on how they work and … Read more

The Psychological Science of Storytelling

A seafarer tells the young Sir Walter Raleigh and his brother the story of what happened out at sea

  Do you still remember the bed-time tales and stories that you heard as a child? We all do, but why is that, let’s have a look. We all love stories, but have you ever considered the impact stories have on you? Storytelling is not merely an art, but as we see … Read more

Does Chewing Gum Help You Concentrate?

A woman blowing bubblegum

Many people are of the view that chewing gum offers several benefits. One of them is concentration. It is argued that chewing gum helps increase focus and allows individuals to concentrate more on the task at hand. Over the years, several studies have been carried out, and researchers have tried to find … Read more

The Psychology of Workplace Boredom

a woman bored while working on her laptop

  Boredom is popularly believed to be a state that results from having absolutely nothing to do. This is not entirely true. It is not practically imaginable that a person has absolutely nothing to do. Boredom can more accurately be defined as a state where anything a person does, ceases to be … Read more

Does Owning a Gun Increase or Decrease Safety? Science Answers

Hand signaling stop to a handgun pointed to it

  When we think about self-protection and self-defense, people of different cultures think of different things. But for most Americans, guns have always been thought of as a means for this. Considering that firearms can be instantly lethal, they make other self-defense forms appear like a total waste of time. But does … Read more

Schizophrenia is NOT Multiple Personality Disorder

  “Acting is not that far from mental disease: An actor works on splitting his character into others. It is like a kind of schizophrenia.” –Vittorio Gassman Most people erroneously believe that schizophrenia is the mental disorder characterized by alter egos, or multiple personalities. This is probably because of simple linguistic confusion, … Read more