Who are the Most Prosperous Countries in the World?

A view of Copenhagen with boats and colorful houses

What’s the difference between being rich and being prosperous? Did you know that it’s not the same? The countries that prosper share wealth among its citizens. The Legatum Institute releases annual Prosperity Index. Legatum Institute is a London-based organization that measures prosperity using these measures: economic growth, business environment and opportunities, effective … Read more

The History of Karate

two men performing Karate near trees during daytime

  Karate is an Asian system of unarmed combat, using hands and feet to deliver blows and punches, kicks, knee strikes, and elbow strikes to the opponent. Karate aims at strengthening the body and delivering maximum force at the point of contact.  This explains how the students and experts of martial arts … Read more

The History of Typhoons in Japan

Typhoon Jebi at peak intensity in Japan

  Japan is hit by several typhoons every year, and sometimes it’s so destructive that it makes the front page of Western newspapers. About 30 typhoons form over the Northwest Pacific Ocean each year, and an average of seven to eight typhoons pass over the Okinawa Prefecture. About three typhoons hit the … Read more

How Safe Is Japan?

a colorful street in japan during night time

Every year, the crime rates of different countries are evaluated and compared. The result of this comparison makes a list of the Safest Countries in the World. For a number of years now, Japan has been ranking amongst the top 10 safest countries in the world. That’s an official number, but how … Read more

What is Rakugo?

A man performing rakugo

  As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. When a person is feeling down or feeling stressed out, one of the ways for a person to forget about his feelings and worries is by making him or her laugh. To make a person laugh by making jokes or telling a … Read more

What do Japanese People Really Think of America?

Five Japanese girls posing for a photograph

Human history spans eras of wars, conflict, and poverty. In fact, our current time period is considered to be the most peaceful mankind has ever experienced. The pages of our history are splattered red with the blood of billions, and the most recent conflict on the global scale is of course, World … Read more