What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day

Contrary to what the name suggests, this day is not at all about boxing. It is a public holiday that is observed the day after Christmas, 26 December. It is celebrated with the same enthusiasm, cheer, and spirit as Christmas. Moreover, Boxing Day is known by many names. For example, in Ireland, … Read more

Endangered or Forgotten Languages


The term endangered was once used only for animals that had gone extinct. Today, it is also used for certain languages that have either died or slowly dying. When you talk about endangered or forgotten languages, Latin maybe the first language that comes to mind. Although the Latin language may be dead … Read more

What is the History of Internet Memes?

What is the History of Internet Memes?

Memes today are recognized as funny, amusing, or interesting items that are spread widely through the Internet. It has been an ever-present part of modern online life. But have you ever wondered how did it all start? Have you ever thought how they evolved? And where did the term “meme” come from, … Read more

The History of Medieval Torture

The History of Medieval Torture

  Torture is to deliberately inflict either physical or psychological pain on someone to get information from them or as a penalty for a crime. The process of torture is meant to get a conviction which is otherwise not easily possible. Medieval Period:  The earliest civilizations used systematic torture to have their … Read more

The Most Evil Men In History

Talat Pasha

The world has been a tragic place for some. Wars, genocides, famines, and riots are one thing, but people who have ripped, raped, and mercilessly killed people is another. You might have seen a number of documentaries or movies based on famous murderers of the past, but there is nothing close to … Read more