The Top Commencement Speeches of the 21st Century

a person in an academic dress wearing a mortar cap and standing on a podium

On your graduation day, you are overwhelmed and just waiting for the formal speeches to end, so you can hold your degree and fling your cap in the air. But some speeches are worth listening to and remembering. Here are some of the speeches you would wish had been given at your … Read more

Top Commencement Speeches of the 20th Century

A person giving a speech on the commencement day

Commencement speeches are considered a formality, which students just wait to pass so that they can proceed with the graduation day. But some speeches leave a mark. They are unforgettable and leave the students motivated to do something extraordinary in their future. Some of the most remarkable speeches delivered at graduation day … Read more

What are the Most Educated Countries in the World?

College graduates throwing their graduation cap in the air

More and more people around the globe are attending college nowadays. According to a UNESCO report, the number of students enrolling in higher education institutions more than doubled in recent years. The number increased from 100 million in 2000 to 207 million in 2014. But not every country contributed to the rise … Read more

Top 10 Most Lucrative Psychology Careers

A meeting between two women

Psychology is a fascinating career choice for people interested in how their peers work and interact with everything. Not only do you get to observe firsthand what people go through in their lives and how they cope with it, you also end up helping these individuals and improving their lives. Human beings … Read more

Exactly What are the Humanities and Social Sciences?

A sculpture of the philosopher, Plato

GAMSAT Section 1 preparation, Humanities and Social Sciences are both academic principles that are taught almost everywhere in the world. While Humanities focuses on the study of human society and culture, Social Sciences, on the other hand, is devoted to studying human societies and the relationships that exist between individuals. In addition … Read more

Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain Learning Styles

Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain Learning Styles

If you’re a creative person, then you may believe that you’re a right-brain thinker. If you’re a logical and organized person, then you may be a left-brain thinker. The distinctions about the dominance of the left brain or right brain in a person is said to guide students and workers to function … Read more