What is the Weapons Effect?

A semi-automatic pistol with bullets on the table

Gun violence is a leading problem in the United States, which is the primary reason why it’s not among the safest country in the world. Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the gun-related violence in the US is 25 times higher. So this poses the question, is the increasing cases of gun … Read more

What Were the Top News Stories of the 2010s?

The damage in a poor neighborhood caused by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

Haiti earthquake The turn of the new decade was harsh for Haiti, a small Caribbean country and the poorest one in the West. After suffering from decades of economic and political turmoil, with 70% of the population living in poverty, the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake worsened their sufferings. On January 12, 2010, Haiti … Read more

How Commonly is English Spoken Around the World?

Basic words and phrases in English written in a chalkboard

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and it’s considered as the global language. As people around the world become increasingly connected, English has also become the dominant language of global communication, especially on the Internet. English as a Language The English language has Latin origins. English came from … Read more

What Were the Most Popular Baby Names in the USA in the 2010s?

Feet of a newborn baby in a basket

Popular baby names change per year, but have you wondered what are the most common names parents in the 2010s have given their babies? Well, for the last decade, Noah and Emma have taken the crown. According to the US Social Security Administration, there were over 163,000 baby boys named Noah, and … Read more

Who are the Most Generous Countries in the World?

An illustration of the world map with a donation box and receiving hands

The United States is the most generous country in the world over the past decade. Why? Because Americans donate a lot of money. In 2017 alone, Americans have donated $27.7 billion. This amount of donation was more than the entire GDP of more than 40 countries in the world. For some people, … Read more

Who are the Most Prosperous Countries in the World?

A view of Copenhagen with boats and colorful houses

What’s the difference between being rich and being prosperous? Did you know that it’s not the same? The countries that prosper share wealth among its citizens. The Legatum Institute releases annual Prosperity Index. Legatum Institute is a London-based organization that measures prosperity using these measures: economic growth, business environment and opportunities, effective … Read more

The Interesting History of Encyclopedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Britannica 1993 in bookshelves of a university library

Remember the olden days when the phrase “just Google it” wasn’t a thing yet? Back then, when there was no Wikipedia or WebMD to look up stuff yet, we have the trustworthy encyclopedia. It’s nostalgic to remember the days when you’re doing your research for homework about the Vietnam War, and you … Read more

What are the Fattest Countries in the World?

People from Nauru taking a walk

  Obesity is a common problem around the world, but some countries are suffering from this than others. It is linked to many health complications and diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, respiratory difficulties, and certain types of cancer. It’s the leading cause of preventable death. Obesity rates vary significantly … Read more

Learn the Rich History of Bollywood

A film clapper featuring the Indian flag, symbolizing Bollywood

  If you had a little idea of what Bollywood is like, perhaps you will conjure up images of brightly-colored productions featuring elaborately choreographed song and dance numbers. Through Bollywood, we see India and its colorful and rich culture. But what is the history of Bollywood, India’s national cinema? How did it … Read more