I live in Japan, a country where skeptical activism is limited. I have a great opportunity here to explain and defend science, while exposing pseudoscience. Also, developments in Japan too often go unnoticed, so I’m here to bridge that gap.

I want to examine interesting phenomena anywhere the world, from my base of operations in Tokyo. I particularly desire to write about skepticism, psychology, and interesting things about Japan, but I’m often sidetracked by the fascinating tidbits I come across on a daily basis.

Psychology topics I’m most likely to investigate include: attraction and love, interpersonal relationships, sex research, perception and attention, false beliefs, group dynamics, social influence, sleep, and psychological effects of seemingly innocuous things that people tend not to think often about.

You can contact skeptikai at contact(at)skeptikai.com (creative, I know).

On commenting:

I am not an expert, and I’m sure I will make mistakes from time to time. Readers are greatly encouraged to call me out on any information thought to be inaccurate. Please speak in a civilized manner in the comments, and remember that we’re all trying to better ourselves, no matter how our opinions differ. It doesn’t hurt to be friendly.