Things You Didn’t Know About Your Whole House Humidifier

House Humidifier

  Have you ever thought that replacing a humidifier pad is more important than replacing a filter? It is so in some cases. We are sure that you do not know some facts about your house humidifier. So, let’s start from the beginning. About the humidifier If you have a humidifier for … Read more

What Is the Significance of the Shivashtakam Lyrics?

An image of Hindu god Shiva

Shivashtakam is a powerful mantra written to give glory to the Hindu god Shiva. A devotee must sing this with full devotion after taking a bath and wearing clean white clothes. He must go to any Shiva temple with some sandalwood, flowers, bel leaves, cow’s milk, rice, fruits, and other offerings – … Read more

Languages You Can Use to Read the Shivashtakam Stotram

A large sculpture of Shiva

The ShivashtakamStotram is a Hindu chanting, which is designed to please the god Shiva and get his blessing. It is one of the many stotrams in Hindu literature. To get the best results, you must recite the ShivashtakamStotram early in the morning after taking a bath and in front of a Shiva … Read more

Software Programming: What Every Software Guru Should Know

Software Programming What Every Software Guru Should Know

Creative programmers do software programming to create real value, and new ideas. A software programmer learns new things to keep up with innovation, which is a great milestone that comes with great pay. Software development involves both technic al and cultural challenges not taught ordinarily. If you are doing software programming, here … Read more

What is Gaslighting?

couple arguing

Have you ever experienced second-guessing yourself, your feelings, your perceptions, and your memories because of a manipulative person? If you have, then you’re probably a victim of what psychologists call gaslighting. It is a term used to describe the controlling and toxic actions that manipulative people use, which is emotionally abusive to … Read more

Why Does Crying Make You Feel Better?

A portrait shot of a woman crying

Crying is a natural response of humans to different situations. Humans cry when they are sad as well as happy. For years, it has been assumed that crying is a sign of weakness. However, today science has something completely opposite to say. Believe it or not, science believes that crying helps humans … Read more