Introduction to MarkBass

Introduction to MarkBass

MarkBass was started by Marco De Virgiliis in 1996. Marco had ample experience in the amplifier industry as he had worked for Parsek, where he was responsible for sales, marketing, and support. In the late 1990s, he met with Sterling Ball. The collaboration led to the creation of Music Man’s audiophile series. … Read more

Who is Carrie Anne Greenbank?

Who is Carrie Anne Greenbank?

Carrie Anne Greenbank is employed at Nine News Melbourne as a journalist. She has spent more than a decade working with Nine News Melbourne and other affiliates. Carrie Anne had spent the previous six years covering breaking news for Gold Coast and crime and court for Nine News Brisbane and Nine News … Read more

What is the Hollow Earth theory?

Hollow Earth theory

Amongst many theories the world has come across, there is one known as the Hollow Earth Theory. The Hollow Earth theory states that the planet earth is completely hollow from inside. In other words, it consists of unknown interior space. This theory was first proposed by Edmond Halley who was already well-known … Read more

What is Cryptozoology?

Kraken image

This might be the first time you are hearing this term. Cryptozoology is the study of animals/organisms that are rumored to exist. These things have never been recorded by science and remain a myth or folklore. For years, people have claimed to witness certain animals that scientists and researchers have been working … Read more

How to Make your Home more Sustainable

Antique Furniture

The increasingly conscious effort people are putting in to become more sustainable has increased the popularity of durable, long-lasting items rather than following ‘fast fashion’ trends. More thought, more than ever before is being put in when purchasing goods due to the raised awareness of how certain materials are negatively impacting the … Read more

Why did Latin Die Out?

parallel Latin-Greek text

It is often that we hear a language has gone extinct. Therefore, why would anyone need to hear or learn it? However, the point is that what does it really mean when someone says that a language has become extinct? Since they are not organisms and do not feature a pulse, how … Read more