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What Are the Common Ways Models are Photoshopped in Magazines and Photos?

Different portraits of a photoshopped female model

Photoshopping has come a long way since its inception. Today, almost every product, food item, and even models are photoshopped before they are shown in and on advertisements and billboards. While some people are against photoshopping as it is used to cover bitter truth but it continues to remain at large. Retouching or photoshopping photos has become a norm and it is the most widely used technique for marketing as well. You might have wondered why women in magazines do not have freckles even though they are in their 60s. The answer is simple, photoshop. Therefore, let us discover the common ways used to photoshop models in magazines and photos.

Cropping the Photo

One of the basic ways tophotoshop models and photos is cropping. Cropping is done to highlight the main picture and delete any unnecessary elements in the surrounding. This allows the audience to focus on the main object rather than shifting their focus on unnecessary things in the background. However, do not cross the limits when it comes to photoshopping. Some editors might cut the limbs at the joint, which is considered unprofessional and plain wrong. While cropping photos, professional photographers and editors make sure that only the most prominent features are displayed. Something that does not go along with the picture is either eliminated or improved.

Skin Retouching

Coming back to the same topic about women in their 60s not having freckles on their faces in magazines. While it is not necessary that women at such age are bound to have freckles because some do not. However, since it is a part of the natural aging process, most women are bound to have freckles at this stage. In order to make the skin look more natural, a lot of time and patience are required but with photoshopping, it is done within seconds. Professionals make sure to make the skin look as natural as possible. Otherwise, if the skin retouching level is too high, minor imperfections would pop out. Therefore, the aim is to achieve just the right level of sharpness. This allows the models to be shown in high-resolution, which further attracts the audience.

Adjusting the Skin Tone

Adjusting the skin tone is the same as skin retouching but the key lies in the selection of colors. While you would want to make the skin look fresh, it is imperative that the right colors are chosen. Professionals mostly make use of brown, pink, and yellow color combinations to adjust the skin tone. If the skin tone adjusted is too light or dark, the overall image will look unrealistic. Therefore, professionals adjust the skin tone keeping it as close to natural as possible.

Adjusting Colors

Editors and photographers spent a huge amount of time adjusting the colors. This is a bit complicated process as it includes adjusting the contrast, saturation, highlight, and exposure, etc. Furthermore, it is also a basic skill that every editor and photographer should learn regardless of the skill level. Generally, the highlights are intensified while trying different combinations of colors. In addition to that, effects such as vintage, B&W, pastel, and film are used as well. Special attention is given to adjust colors that enhance a natural look. Excess of it would make the model look otherwise.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone wishes to have white teeth. In the case of models, it is particularly important that the teeth are whitened to make a smile more prominent. Editors while photoshopping models remove yellowness and adjust the positioning of the teeth as well if necessary. Therefore, shooters spend quite a bit of time mastering the art of teeth whitening so that the models look at their best each time.

Lips Enhancement

Even though lips enhancement was considered a bizarre idea but today majority models undergo plastic surgeries to enhance their lips. Lips are assumed to be one of the first features that receive attention. Even if a model possesses great facial features already but adjusting the lips according to the adjustments done to the skin tone and color is important. By decreasing contrast, the editors make sure to highlight the lips. This allows them to give a gentle look while keeping the natural touch intact.

Popping the Eyes

If a model happens to feature big prominent eyes, the editors are going to make them even more prominent. Eyes are the only feature that develops the first impression. Each model possesses a unique facial feature, which is highlighted and enhanced by editors. Numerous models in the past had been hired by prominent fashion houses just because their eyes stood out. The nose, ears, and cheeks are given weight as well but not as much as the eyes.

Adjusting Hair Shine and Volume

When was the last time you saw a model in a magazine without great hair? Never right, this is because models are supposed to have excellent hair. Adjusting the hair shine and volume is said to be the most challenging amongst other adjustments as it takes a lot of time and patience. Models undergo hair shape adjustment along with adding extra hair and improving and increasing the volume. Without adding unrealistic touches, the editors make sure that the hair looks neat, natural, organized, and classy.

Removing Distracting Objects

Shooters and editors while giving photoshopping models devote extra time to eliminate things that might cause distraction. If the main object was a model’s face, any imperfections such as pimples and scars, etc. will be deleted. Otherwise, the photographer will not be able to convey the message through the image. Furthermore, people will focus more on other things rather than the main object itself. For this reason alone, it is made sure that distracting objects are deleted to prevent diversion.

Adjusting the Hair Color

In some cases, adjusting the hair color becomes necessary. Even if a model possesses great hair, editors spend an ample amount of time changing the color. Replacing a fair color with dark is not a problem, maintaining a natural look is. Editors might end up overdoing it which makes the hair look yellow but then again, it takes hours to reach the correct shade. Furthermore, hair is a feature, which cannot be ignored. It adds to the overall visual appearance and makes a model look like a star. Shooters just by adjusting the hair color could provide a vintage style look to the models, which is again forever classy.

Adjusting the Waist

The waist is probably the most photoshopped feature in magazines. It brings the entire body in perfect symmetry and highlights the hips and thighs. If the waist happens to be bigger than thighs and legs, the model will not be able to carry clothes and fashion accessories properly, especially if the model is modeling for a clothing brand. Levis, a prominent jean manufacturer specializes in producing jeans for every type of individual. However, in order to make them look like a perfect fit, editors make certain adjustments to the waist. As a result, the consumer is able to get a better idea of how the jeans will look on them.

Final Word

Photoshopping has been used for decades to achieve perfection. Against the resistance of many, famous fashion magazines such as Teen Vogue have vowed not to retouch and heavily alter their models. While heavily photoshopping models may not be ethical but in some cases, slight adjustments could help achieve the desired look. Either way, photoshopping is still a widely used technique that helps enhance and highlight features particularly when it comes to modeling.

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