What is Deepfake and How Is It Fooling People?

A woman's face and mask wire

In layman’s terms, deepfake is a combination of face and voice cloning with the help of Artificial Intelligence that allows you to create life-like, computer-generated videos of a real person. In order to create a quality deepfake video, developers need to accumulate tens of hours of video footage of the person whose … Read more

Top 10 Safest and Most Dangerous Countries In The World


With our world divided by imaginary borders and nations defiantly protecting the validity of said borders, it comes as no surprise that each group of people contained within these lines evolves and thrives different to other groups. While some countries adopted and promulgated education and free speech, others dissected themselves into social … Read more

The Interesting History of the World’s Population

The Interesting History of the World’s Population

Humanity has taken over the world. Every year, the population of the world is expanding by 83 million people. As of writing, there are already 7.6 billion people in the world. But population trends are mostly uneven – while some countries are expanding exponentially, some are shrinking. But have you ever wondered … Read more

What Were the Most Popular Baby Names in the USA in the 2010s?

What Were the Most Popular Baby Names in the USA in the 2010s?

Popular baby names change per year, but have you wondered what are the most common names parents in the 2010s have given their babies? Well, for the last decade, Noah and Emma have taken the crown. According to the US Social Security Administration, there were over 163,000 baby boys named Noah, and … Read more

Who are the Most Generous Countries in the World?

An illustration of the world map with a donation box and receiving hands

The United States is the most generous country in the world over the past decade. Why? Because Americans donate a lot of money. In 2017 alone, Americans have donated $27.7 billion. This amount of donation was more than the entire GDP of more than 40 countries in the world. For some people, … Read more

Who are the Most Prosperous Countries in the World?

A view of Copenhagen with boats and colorful houses

What’s the difference between being rich and being prosperous? Did you know that it’s not the same? The countries that prosper share wealth among its citizens. The Legatum Institute releases annual Prosperity Index. Legatum Institute is a London-based organization that measures prosperity using these measures: economic growth, business environment and opportunities, effective … Read more