What is pseudoscience?


Look closely, pseudoscience is everywhere. It is on the Ads that pop up on your social media feed, on the back of your shampoo bottle and even on media. You mistake it for the real thing because of the bold statements slathered in jargon. These statements do not mean anything, and scientific … Read more

Overview of Major Gaming Consoles

Play Station Pro 4 

For gamers, consoles are like cars. Every gamer wants the newly launched with all of the latest features. For companies, these consoles are a lucrative product with a high demand. Back in the days when Nintendo and Atari ruled the gaming industry, enthusiasts would happily pay an arm and a leg for … Read more

The Advancement of CGI in the Game Industry

A CGI rendered girl and dog

  In this day and age, Computer Generated Imagery, commonly known as CGI, has become the key visual recipe for most video games we play today. Since it is hard to bring out some of the dynamic effects with traditional photography only, the game industry cannot think of not using CGI. Over … Read more

The List of the Top Countries for Gun Violence

The List of the Top Countries for Gun Violence

If there is anything worse than the coronavirus epidemic at the moment, it would be gun violence. The reason we say that is because gun violence had gripped almost half the universe long before the coronavirus came along. It causes millions of deaths each year, and apparently, the world has not yet … Read more