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Debating whether or not America is a Force for Good

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Now that recent stories have come out about America’s widespread NSA tentacles, along with more news about how drones have been killing far more civilians than actual terrorist targets in countries, the world is asking an important question: Does America do more harm than good? This isn’t about Americans per se; this isn’t about discriminating against a people. This is about foreign policy, organizations, and administrators, such as overreaching spy agencies and the political leanings of President Barack Obama.

Russia Today’s popular debate show “Cross Talk” looked at this issue here:

To be honest, Bruce Stokes – the arguing on the side of America – did a horrible job defending the country in my opinion. Considering he is the Director of Global Economic Attitudes at the Pew Research Center, many of his answers consisted largely (if not mostly) of results from surveys that Pew has been responsible for. Therefore, I don’t think it was a particularly fair debate for the simple fact that the one defending America did such a poor job – not to mention the ease with which the host, Peter Lavell, an American himself, argued against America. However, it’s still interesting to hear the arguments on both sides of the debate.

A second debate of the same nature was held at the Oxford Union – a debating forum associated with Oxford University in England. This debate had one of America’s brightest minds defending America: Thomas Friedman. And it wasn’t a one-on-one (or should I say one-on-two?) debate like the RT had. This debate was with a room full of people from all over the world, and regular people asked hard questions about the US. But Friedman did a great job, and this is a very good debate, published on Al Jazeera:

I have become very interested in this debate now because I feel basically on the fence at this point. The American government is responsible for so much corruption and destruction in the world; but it also does so much good that isn’t being widely reported abroad, and they don’t get nearly enough recognition or appreciation for the positive contributions they have made. So I urge you to watch these debates and decide for yourself.

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