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And This Concludes the 2012 US Presidential Election… Now Let’s Have a Laugh!

The election is finally over, and nothing has changed overnight except for the end of the egregious amount of resources spent on campaigning and advertising. The US will still have conspiracy theorists – Obama isn’t American, Hurricane Sandy was a government plot, etc. – and the White House won’t look any different than it has in the past. Republicans can now finally stop the nonsense about how this time, the “worst president in American history” will radically change the political landscape. Indeed, we’re all pretty tired of the election coverage now, so instead let’s enjoy some of the comedy that has come from this election.

Here’s one quick video that looks at the general influence of comedy on politics during the election:

[November 8 Update: The following video shows some of the “alternative coverage” that American viewers were treated to.]

Jimmy Kimmel

TV host Jimmy Kimmel had a great segment on his show about Americans lying about the election. First he asked people on the street about how they thought about the first-lady debate – you know, the one that didn’t exist. These fibbing Americans are worth the watch:

Another great one by Kimmel was this gem that asked Americans who they voted for. But they were asked the day before the election. These people didn’t hesitate to express how they completed their civic duties:

Saturday Night Live

The popular comedy sketch show SNL has always been one to make parodies from election campaigns. This is an interesting news story showcasing some of the moments from various elections:

 SNL also had people laughing in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:

Of course, the more lengthy and uncut SNL parodies are also on YouTube. For example, the first debate, the vice-presidential debate, and the town-hall debateg, as well as the infamous 47% video, Chris Christie hating to vote for candidate Mitt Romney, and Obama talking to Ohio voters.

Al Smith Dinner

From the Al Smith dinner, we have the speech from Romney:

 Here is Obama’s speech at that same dinner:

Key & Peele

[Updated: Videos from Key and Peele were added on November 8.]

The comedy team of Key and Peele as Obama and his anger translator have been making parodies since well before Mitt Romney was even officially running against Obama. This video is of the duo at the 2012 Comedy Awards, where they did a live performance:

 I like their sketch that they used as a response to Romney’s 47% incident:

Here’s one after the final debate:

 And this one is after the victory:

The Bottom Line

I think the numbers truly speak for themselves. It’s as though 3 out of 5 Americans are Democrats, which should be a strong message to Republicans. It will take more than lies, smear campaigns and the facade of moderateness to win next time. By 2016, if they haven’t started trying to appeal to the minorities that aggregated to win this election, then they had better hope Democrats screw up majorly soon, or else they’re probably going to lose for a third time in a row.

Ultimately, it’s great that the election is over, but the comedy that came from the recent months may still be funny months or years later. Who knows. There’s much more than the short catalogue here, but this is just some of the more recent videos.

However, the funniest comedic goldmine comes from a more unlikely source – the wise martial arts master Chuck Norris and his wife:

Well, Chuck. It’s time to start the thousand-years-of-darkness clock.

Photo credit: NY Times

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