Does Owning a Gun Increase or Decrease Safety? Science Answers

Hand signaling stop to a handgun pointed to it

When we think about self-protection and self-defense, people of different cultures think of different things. But for most Americans, guns have always been thought of as a means for this. Considering that firearms can be instantly lethal, they make other self-defense forms appear like a total waste of time. But does owning … Read more

How Often do Doctors and Surgeons make mistakes?

Surgeons conducting operation

Being a doctor is not an easy job. You get to treat hundreds of patients every month, and every case is different from the other. Every patient wants to be treated in the best possible way. The same is the case with doctors as they try to provide the best possible treatment. … Read more

Exactly What are the Humanities and Social Sciences?

A sculpture of the philosopher, Plato

GAMSAT Section 1 preparation, Humanities and Social Sciences are both academic principles that are taught almost everywhere in the world. While Humanities focuses on the study of human society and culture, Social Sciences, on the other hand, is devoted to studying human societies and the relationships that exist between individuals. In addition … Read more