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Rich People Don’t Smoke – The Simple Socioeconomics of Tobacco Consumption

Addictions of any kind are usually viewed as harmful, and for good reason. Be it alcoholism, a dependence on strong drugs like heroin, or even something that seemingly appears to be quite harmless on the surface; like cigarettes. Even today, it is almost expected of your close relatives to freak out if they find out you’ve taken up smoking. And the worst part is, smoking does appear to be harmless at first. But before you realize it, the addiction has crept up on you and now you’re going through six packs a day.

And though some awareness about the potential harm cigarettes can cause is raised every now and then, especially in schools, one thing that’s rarely talked about is the cost of funding your cigarette habit. There’s a joke where a woman asks a man at a bar how much he spends on smoking a year. The man calculates the cost and tells her, to which she replies that the money he’s spent on cigarettes in ten years could have been used to buy a Ferrari. To that the man humorously replies, “Where’s your Ferrari then?” Though that joke seems to take a pro-cigarette stance, most ex-smokers that hear this joke argue that saving money that would otherwise be spent on cigarettes is very much doable with a little willpower.

The Addiction Creeps Up On You – And So Does The Cost

The Addiction Creeps Up On You
As we mentioned above, addiction to cigarettes creeps up on you quite fast, and before you know it, you’re a chain smoker. The nicotine in cigarettes is what you would get addicted to, and it is highly addictive so you definitely will. Once you’re hooked, it is very difficult to let go. You’ll be craving a cigarette day and night. You’ll wake up and look forward to when you can smoke. You’ll go to the office and wait for the break so you can go outside and light up another one. You’ll go for walks outside your house just so you can smoke a couple more.

In many instances, people don’t even realize they’ve been addicted until one day someone points it out or they take a good long hard look in the mirror. And once you’re aware of your addiction, it can become quite depressing to focus on it, leading to you smoking even more to help alleviate the strong emotions. If you smoke inside, your walls, windows, and curtains will become stained. People would stop visiting just so they don’t have to inhale the smoke inside your house. And you will overall have less hygienic surroundings. And maybe one day, when you really focus on it through the haze of smoke that now clouds your mind, you’ll realize your wallet has been a lot slimmer for quite some time.

Is It Really That Much?

a cigarette money
Yes, it is. Though the joke above painted a very ideal picture where you save 100% of the cigarette money and end up with a Ferrari, it wasn’t far from the truth. Once you start putting that money into a piggybank instead of lighting it on fire, you can end up with quite the sum. Though you probably won’t be buying a sportscar anytime soon, that money can be used to get you out of a difficult situation in a pinch. It might even be put towards other healthy experiences; like buying a house or buying a car (still not a sportscar though).

It can of course, also ne used to help pay for your child’s college when the time comes, and they’ll be very grateful for that. And if you just started smoking and don’t smoke much, it would be very advisable that you stop now before it’s too late. Even the little amount you spend now can be saved up for treats; like going to the movies with your significant other. So long story short, it does add up. It can add up to a lot in fact.

So…How Do I Quit?

How Do I Quit
If you’ve been a heavy smoker for years, it will be difficult to stop. That isn’t meant to discourage you or anything, but to simply warn you in advance. The cravings can get quite intense at times, and you will often think it’s not worth it. If you do, and you smoke a cigarette, you’re going to hate yourself after in your clearer state of mind.

There is no shame in asking for assistance when quitting, especially if you live with someone. They can help you on this journey; monitoring you and reminding you of your pledge whenever you feel like giving up. You might even want to consider vaping to slowly kick the habit to the curb. However, if you’re a non-smoker, do not take up vaping. That too can be harmful to some extent. Fight off your strongest urges, distract yourself, treat yourself for hitting milestones, and a year from now you will be a much happier person. You will finally be able to look at the world without a smoke-tainted lens in front of you, and you will finally acknowledge how much you used to spend on cigarettes in the past.

Do Rich People Really Not Smoke?

Do Rich People Really Not Smoke
To be fair, they do. The title of this post wasn’t really meant to indicate that rich people just don’t smoke at all, or are rich because they don’t smoke. It was meant to indicate that your financial situation would be so much better off were you to drop smoking. According to this study, people who smoke tend to be poorer than people in the same social standing that don’t. Which makes sense when you think about it; if two people earn $45,000 a year, and one of them spends $8,000 a year on cigarettes, that’s a lot of money going into destroying your lungs.

When looked at logically, smoking really doesn’t seem to be worth all the trouble it brings along with it. That money could have gone into paying your rent or other bills, but instead, all it did was shorten your lifespan. In the end though, all of what’s written here is probably something you’ve heard from other people a million times too. And you might have even took this to be an antagonistic approach toward you. It isn’t, but we can’t make you see that, only you can. Only you can convince yourself to look at things more logically. And if the willpower is there, those cigarettes don’t stand a chance.


Hopefully, this post shed some light on the basic socioeconomics of cigarette consumption. The research is solid, anecdotal evidence exists, all that’s left is for you to become a part of the ex-smoker statistic too. Who knows, you might actually end up getting that Ferrari after all.

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