What do Japanese People Really Think of America?

Five Japanese girls posing for a photograph

Human history spans eras of wars, conflict, and poverty. In fact, our current time period is considered to be the most peaceful mankind has ever experienced. The pages of our history are splattered red with the blood of billions, and the most recent conflict on the global scale is of course, World … Read more

Blogging is Good for Your Memory

A person blogging on a laptop

If you want to transform your body into an athletic shape, you can play an exciting sport or develop a workout routine. If you want to improve your intelligence level, play brain teasers and games that improve intelligence. But If you want to improve your brain health and memory, the hobby to … Read more

Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain Learning Styles

Left-Brain vs. Right-Brain Learning Styles

If you’re a creative person, then you may believe that you’re a right-brain thinker. If you’re a logical and organized person, then you may be a left-brain thinker. The distinctions about the dominance of the left brain or right brain in a person is said to guide students and workers to function … Read more