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Scientific Consensus and the Obvious Truth about Global Climate Change

I often ask questions in my article titles, but the question “are we responsible for climate change?” is simply unnecessary. From the overwhelming evidence, we know the answer to this question; and the answer is “YES!” This is good news … Continue reading

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Bollywood Zombies and The Westernization of Indian Pop Culture

Go Goa Gone, the first Western-style zombie flick to be made in Bollywood, was just announced last week. The trailer was released a few weeks ago and seems to be quite popular, with already over 2.5 million hits on YouTube. … Continue reading

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Faces in the Crowd – Kony 2012 and the Occupy Movement

Sometimes what you see is what you get. Other times, there’s more than meets the eye. I don’t want to talk so much about how we are manipulated by what we see on mediums like the TV and the internet, … Continue reading

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How 3/11 Changed the People of Japan – Part 1: Fear, Trust, and Death

The March 11 tsunami left a scar on Japan last year. The confusion was widespread, and depression and suicides were imminent. But not enough people talked about how the tsunami has changed regular Japanese people since the tragedy. A while … Continue reading

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The Cherry Blossoms Shall Bloom Again – An Overlooked Factor in National Unity

One important factor in Japan’s sense of unity after the March 11 earthquake was widely overlooked. Let me take you back to that time and show you what it was like. Continue reading

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Skeptikai Notices (Aug22) – Psychology, technology, Japan & more

The science behind “you people all look alike;” Anonymous vows to kill Facebook; tanning beds may be addictive. Continue reading

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Oz and Eastern Wizardry

Dr. Oz is now probably the most famous doctor in America, and his influence is a detriment to the public. This is because he endorses alternative medicines that have been discredited by science. Continue reading

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