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Predicting Ten Thousand Deaths in the Next Big Tokyo Earthquake

Millions of people in Japan are getting ever more nervous that “The Big One” will come soon – the earthquake that strikes Tokyo, the heart of Japan. This concern is certainly justified, ever since the 2011 earthquake raised the probability … Continue reading

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How 3/11 Changed the People of Japan – Part 1: Fear, Trust, and Death

The March 11 tsunami left a scar on Japan last year. The confusion was widespread, and depression and suicides were imminent. But not enough people talked about how the tsunami has changed regular Japanese people since the tragedy. A while … Continue reading

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Tsunami Survival Guide: Japanese Culture is Not Conducive to Staying Alive

If you have Japanese values, you shouldn’t expect to survive a devastating tsunami. The concept of TENDENKO may change the culture of Japan, and save thousands of lives. Continue reading

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Top 4 Documentaries on the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

If there’s one good thing we can say about nature’s merciless beating of Eastern Japan on March 11, it’s that this incident became the most studied natural disaster in the world. Aside from Japan’s extensive scientific detection instruments, ordinary people … Continue reading

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The Cherry Blossoms Shall Bloom Again – An Overlooked Factor in National Unity

One important factor in Japan’s sense of unity after the March 11 earthquake was widely overlooked. Let me take you back to that time and show you what it was like. Continue reading

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The Great 2011 Tōhoku Quake

I was well aware of the Great Kantō Quake of 1923, which killed 140,000 people in and around Tokyo. I was also well aware that there is a roughly 80-year cycle, and that there was an extremely good chance that it … Continue reading

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