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If Toby Becomes Japan’s New Prime Minister, Will Japan Cease to Be a Pacifist Nation?

Toby’s at it again. The dream of having to never blog about Tokyo’s most famous bigot – who I hesitate to call anything other than Toby (explanation here) – has been short lived. A few days from now, the country … Continue reading

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Everybody Hates Toby

Has Governor Toby of Tokyo lost touch with reality? Has he lost touch with his supporters? You be the judge, in this piece on power trips, alienation, stupidity, and divinity. Continue reading

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Japan’s New Prime Minister, and the Shrine to War Criminals

Japan welcomes a new prime minister, and he seems to have little problem with the shrine that has become associated with war criminals. Continue reading

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Land of the Scorching Sun – Part 1

People are having to adapt to the scorching sun in Japan. Here are some of the ways things are changing. Continue reading

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The Incredible Mr. Toby

Shintaro Ishihara is the governor of Tokyo. I call him Toby. This is a “greatest hits” compilation of his early work.
Note: I do not like Toby. Continue reading

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