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Who Needs a Heart Anymore? – The Medical History of the Artificial Heart

We all know that we need a heart to live, but the human heart is quite susceptible to damage and diseases that can only be prevented up to a point. A heart attack occurs when oxygen-rich blood is blocked, and so is not pumped to a part of heart muscle. We can take limited measures to prevent such an occurrence from happening, such as by eating healthy food, but we cannot reduce the possibility of occurrence to 0%. If blood flow isn’t restored early enough, the deprived section of heart muscle will begin to die. When I was a child, I learnt that we humans need two things to live: a heart, and a brain. However, with the current state of our medical technology, do we actually need a heart anymore to be a living human?

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The Barbie Effect

Everyone knows that Barbie isn’t a particularly realistic-looking doll, and much has already been said about the notion that Barbie promotes an unhealthy and ridiculous ideal of beauty that women can’t possibly live up to. But that doesn’t stop many of them from trying. If you watch enough TV, I imagine you may have seen some of the women who have taken these ideals to the extreme. But aside from the outliers, how has the introduction and continuation of this doll affected the general population?

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