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17 Most Tweeted Events of 2011 (You’ll NEVER guess #1)

2011 was an impressive year for Twitter. (Beyonce is pregnant!) Many people, myself included, started taking Twitter seriously this year, and the numbers of users continue to increase, with no sign of letting up. (She’s pregnant!) Since the year is almost finished, there have been many people who have been saying that the biggest event of the year is… yes, Beyonce being pregnant. At least in terms of the number of people talking about it. (Pregnant!) But the year is not finished, and there has already been something that not only beat the record number of tweets per second, but absolutely demolished it. So let’s look at the most Tweeted events of the year.

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Paraplegic walks away from accident… What!?

“You’ll never walk again” the doctor said. No one expected a miracle. Until the age of 13, when she suffered nerve damage during a routine operation, Monique van der Vorst was a regular girl who grew up in the Netherlands. Since then, she had been paralyzed from the waist down, leaving her wheel-chair bound. Van der Vorst, however, would not let that discourage her, becoming an accomplished athlete in the years to come. She won two silver medals in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, and in 2009 was the first handcycle athlete to win the Ironman World Championship, in Hawaii. But the craziest part of this story is that a freak accident changed her life again, and she couldn’t be more pleased about it.

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Skeptikai Notices (Sep1) – Medicine, sex, memory, and skepticism


Half of GPs back change in rules on sex with patients – Is it okay for a doctor to have consensual sex with a patient? What if the doctor sends the patient to another practitioner? One survey specifically asked this to 282 general practitioners in the UK and found that “48% would support a GP’s decision to enter into a sexual relationship with a patient, as long as they registered with another practice.” 28% were against such a decision, and 24% were not sure, but the takeaway is that half of them were okay with it. So this raises the question… which one of the doctors above do you think is okay with it?

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Japan wins the FIFA Women’s World Cup, people care

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