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Possessed by Demons, Animals, and Nonsense

Green Snake hand art

“Japan doesn’t have that stuff. That’s more of a Western thing.” Just like I constantly have to remind Westerners how they’re horribly wrong about the bizarre and ridiculous stereotypes of Japan, I had to show my Japanese friend that she was totally wrong in her idea about “us” and “them.” The notion that only Westerners believe in exorcisms and demonic possessions is simply wrong. In addition to the many stories I mentioned in an earlier post about exorcisms in Japan, yet another case occurred recently in Japan where the belief in possessions reared its ugly head.

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Exorcism in Japan, and Another Dead Child

“With God by your side, you can do no wrong,” says Father Jose Francisco Syquia, who heads the Manila Archdiocese’s Office of Exorcism in the Philippines. And he should know, since he’s been through hundreds of exorcisms. Indeed, he should know, but clearly he has no idea what it means to be “wrong,” or else he would not try to justify the torturous treatment of mentally ill people. But this caliber of fool doesn’t understand that demonic spirits don’t reside in the victims of exorcisms, but in the minds of those who perpetuate this archaic practice.

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