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Why Are Hateful Americans Always So Clueless?

I suppose it’s not a big surprise that people who feel the most hatred or are the most violent are not the brightest people. But sometimes I wonder if there is a correlation between ignorance and anger. In America, people … Continue reading

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Canada Gets Tough on Masked Protestors

*Updates below* If a protestor marches outside, and no one around him can see his face, is he a criminal? Perhaps not as philosophical a question as a tree falling in a forest, but a new proposal from Canada is … Continue reading

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The 5 Most Controversial Ads of August

August was an extraordinary month for the marketing world, as outrage from across the globe caused enough backlash to end various ad campaigns and get people into a lot of trouble. Continue reading

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Skeptikai Notices (Aug22) – Psychology, technology, Japan & more

The science behind “you people all look alike;” Anonymous vows to kill Facebook; tanning beds may be addictive. Continue reading

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