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Why Are Hateful Americans Always So Clueless?

Oakland idiots riot at Men's Wearhouse

I suppose it’s not a big surprise that people who feel the most hatred or are the most violent are not the brightest people. But sometimes I wonder if there is a correlation between ignorance and anger. In America, people get angry at the wrong things all the time, because they not only don’t understand, but don’t even seem to want to understand – they just don’t care. And you’d think that when it comes to actual murder, you would want to be sure that you know who you’re dealing with. Unfortunately, as we’ll see, angry Americans tend not to double-check.

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Canada Gets Tough on Masked Protestors

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If a protestor marches outside, and no one around him can see his face, is he a criminal? Perhaps not as philosophical a question as a tree falling in a forest, but a new proposal from Canada is making people give this some serious thought. Because of the violent riots that took place in the last few years, lawmakers are looking at ways to identify criminals who try to conceal their identities. Wearing masks and scarves to conceal one’s face has become very popular now that everyone uses cellphone cameras at public rallies, protests, or riots; but Canada’s new message for protestors is: You’re only free to protest if you have the guts to show your face.

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The 5 Most Controversial Ads of August


Marketers are constantly trying to break new ground – push boundaries, get their names “out there,” and profit gloriously from it. August was a particularly interesting month for advertisements in the media, and we saw a number of them get pulled because of the backlash they caused. I’m not talking about some random political attack-ad that aired last month, but the regular products that everyday people consume. Mark Twain once said: “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” For the brief collection of ads below, you be the judge.

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Skeptikai Notices (Aug22) – Psychology, technology, Japan & more


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