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The Master of Your Own Domain Name – What .xxx Porn Sites Mean For Us

Pornography just got a little more accessible; as if we needed it.

A few days ago, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – who oversee many things on the internet – approved the domain “.xxx” to be added to the web. It will join the ranks of .com, .net, .tv, and other URL suffixes. The ICM Registry was responsible for its inception, much to the anger of website owners, marketers, and basically anyone with a brand to protect. So what exactly does this new domain name mean for us?

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The Science of Condoms – Pornography, Japan, and Beyond

In the past year, we have seen our fair share of headlines on the decline of condom usage, ranging from America and Finland, all the way to South Africa and Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, even the porn industry has been engaged in a dialogue on whether or not porn actors should be using contraception. You’d think the world would have learned the benefits of condom usage by now, but the fact that there’s even a discussion about this means that there are still people who need convincing. Here in Japan, some professionals are going to great lengths to promote condom usage, including one adult charity event that set out to “save the earth.”

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