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The Scourge of Internet Memes, and Believing Everything You See

Have we become a society of gullibility? Anyone who has a large enough network on social media has been able to see an increase in recent years of pictorial internet memes, such as in the image above. Typically, this is with the face of the individual who said it, along with a quote, often used to inspire, make a joke, or simply make a solid and concise argument. However, it seems that we are beginning to believe things a little too easily nowadays; and in a time of rampant “fake news,” this is becoming a problem.

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Outsiders have it all wrong – Japan is all right

After the destruction from the tsunami and the earthquake shook up the people of Eastern Japan, residents did the unthinkable – nothing. They didn’t cause riots, they didn’t start looting, and they kept patience in queues that went on for hours, despite the trains breaking down and separating passengers from their families. But when a disaster strikes somewhere in the world, some journalists descend like vultures who scavenge off vulnerable prey. Japan was certainly guilty of this when an earthquake hit New Zealand a month prior. However, the scale of nonsense from the foreign media (FM) has been truly astounding since March 11. I’m not going to pretend that we should discount all claims of potential harm, because obviously there are risks to be considered in Japan. But the FM has exaggerated, speculated, and flat-out lied about many things in their reports. And for all the warnings the FM had given, I would surmise that the situation would have been much worse if Japanese people had been listening to them.

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