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Good #Hacks

I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that a band of computer hackers, known as “LulzSec” had been breaking into Sony. But as many people know by now, they also hacked Nintendo, Bethesda Game Studios, ZeniMax Media and pron.com, to name a few. By the way, this basically shows that they’re mostly a bunch of nerdy guys, breaking into video game websites and a porn site. It’s pretty clear they were up to mischief, but their odd mixed signals were baffling. For example, they hacked into the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), saying “We mean you no harm and only want to help you fix your tech issues.” This reminded me of the hackers who broke into the world’s largest experiment – the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – in 2008. It caused a bit of panic in the beginning, but ended up being a harmless and important lesson: The LHC is not immune from hackers. And now we know, incidentally, neither are hackers themselves.

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