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Iron as an Achievement of Science, and a Warrior’s Tool

Iron changed the world, because some people used scientific reasoning to make it so. Continue reading

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Relax! Because video games will soon react to your physiological arousal

A new video game patent raises some questions. Namely, “how can we use this technology outside of the entertainment industry to benefit all of us?” Continue reading

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Do You Truly Understand?: Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

Correlation does not imply causation. If you haven’t heard that before, you need to read this. If you think you understand it, you still might need to check your comprehension. Continue reading

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A Visual History of Sex and Violence

One graphic shows the evolution of sex and violence throughout history. How much do you know about your past? Continue reading

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Is Japan Losing its Culture? – Part 1: A History of Cultural Adoption

Is Japan losing it’s culture? Explore the history of Japan’s adoption of foreign products and practices. Continue reading

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