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Gender, Age, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Differences in Social Networking Site Usage

Online social networks has become an interesting platform for research, and hundreds if not thousands of studies around the world are investigating how we interact with others online. This article looks into recent studies that analyzed data regarding differences in age, … Continue reading

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Japan’s Social Network Wars – Facebook Beats Twitter and Mixi

It’s official – Facebook wins. The American-based company struggled to make an impact in Japan at first, but now it seems as though Japan has warmed up to Facebook. Their only real competition was Mixi – the MySpace of Japan … Continue reading

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The Social Network Wars in Japan – Mixi, Twitter, and Facebook

The popularity of Facebook is growing to such proportions that it has some people worried that it’s “killing local social networks around the world.” Indeed, as you can see from the map above, the number of users is staggering. And this … Continue reading

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Skeptikai on Twitter

Japan is the “Twitter Nation,” and it’s still growing with no end in sight. It’s growing so big, in fact… that Skeptikai decided to join. Continue reading

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