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Should You Let Your Kid Date in Middle/High School? Science Gives a Surprising Answer

Young love can show you things about yourself you’ve never known. It can bring you to happiness and leave you in despair. It can take away the trust you thought you had with others, and make you want to give up … Continue reading

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Is Winning the Lottery Going to Change Your Life? Will it Improve It?

The two questions in the title are qualitatively different. One asks the question we all know the answer to. The other one is a bit less obvious. Everyone sees what life would be like with a huge amount of money … Continue reading

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Armstrong News – A Death and the End of a Career

The first man to ever walk on the moon has just died yesterday. The all-American Neil Armstrong’s most famous words, on that famous Apollo 11 mission, will surely never be forgotten: “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant … Continue reading

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That’s Just the Way it Goes

Doing drugs in Japan? If you’re Japanese, you’ll go to jail. If you’re foreign, you’ll get deported. …After going to jail. That’s just the way it goes in Japan. Love it or leave it. Continue reading

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