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100+ Japanese Students’ Reactions to Black Friday & Boxing Day

“This is shopping? It looks like war!” This is one of the comments I received from one of the 100+ students who saw the dangers of Black Friday for the very first time. I was asked to give a presentation at a senior high school on a serious topic regarding foreign culture, and I thought it would be timely to talk about the holiday season. That is, a brief comparison between the shopping culture in Japan, the UK, Canada, and America. None of the students (or teachers) had ever heard about these foreign holidays, but it was interesting to see their reactions, which they submitted to me via survey.

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Black Friday 2011 Madness

How far would you go to save some money? This is the question millions of Americans inevitably ask themselves when they start to line up hours before a store opens, in order to save tens or – if they’re lucky – hundreds of dollars on things like electronics. Nowadays, “Black Friday,” the day after American Thanksgiving (last week), is such a major commercial “holiday” that stores don’t want to miss out. And while no one truly knows why the day got its name, Black Friday has in recent years become a very dark day, with a steady increase in violence. But really, how bad did it get this year? Well… for starters, someone died.

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