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The 2013 Pigasus Awards


Every year, the James Randi Educational Foundation gives awards to recognize the special few uncritical thinkers who do more to peddle pseudoscience and damage the public in ways that only celebrities could. Below are five “winners” of various categories whose success in nonsense have given actual science communicators like myself a greater challenge – not only to inform the general public of the way things are, but to do so while battle the faulty preconceptions caused the non-scientific thoughts and beliefs caused by such purveyors.

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Why Are Scientists Wasting Time When They Could Be Curing Cancer?

When a scientist does something like genetically modify a fruit to make it seedless, create a cement mixture to keep roads from being worn out by seasonal changes, or finds new information on insect pollination, the public reaction is predictable. A tiny fraction are interested, while most people don’t care. But then there are the many others who begin to ask the question that it seems everyone has asked at some point: Why are scientists wasting their time on trivial matters when they could be doing something important like curing cancer? It’s what I call the “worthless scientist question,” and I’ve heard it enough to warrant an answer.

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An Apple a Day – Why Steve Jobs REALLY Died

The news of Steve Jobs’ death has been exploding in the international media, shocking Apple lovers from all over the world. Much has been said about him today, and I’m sure over the next few days (at least), archives of his various public appearances and quotes are going to be shown all over the TV and internet. His death was a shock to most people, but after hearing about the sad news, I came across an article that really shocked me, with a twisted new piece of information. Jobs’ death could have been prevented – he could have been saved. What went wrong? Unfortunately, pseudoscience.

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